Anritsu Characterizes Optoelectronic with O/E Calibration Module

10/14/2003 - Anritsu Company introduces the MN4765A optical to electrical (O/E) calibration module that transforms its LightningTM 37200C/37300C vector network analyzers (VNAs) into lightwave component analyzers with capability comparable to competitive systems costing three times as much. The MN4765A/Lightning configuration can provide highly accurate and stable optoelectronic measurements of domain-transfer devices - such as optical modulators, direct modulated lasers, integrated transmitters, photodiodes, and photo receivers - used in 2.5 Gb/s, 10 Gb/s, and 40 Gb/s transmission systems.

A characterized, unamplified photodiode module, the MN4765A acts as an optical receiver when used with the 37200C/37300C series VNAs, which have frequency coverage up to 65 GHz. The MN4765A can be used with a Lightning VNA to conduct small-signal analysis of optoelectronic components in the frequency domain to provide data on the transfer function in terms of bandwidth, flatness, and phase linearity. The result is better insight into the maximum data rates that can be supported by these devices.

Characterized at 1550 nm in both magnitude and phase to 65 GHz using a NIST traceable "golden" calibration standard, the MN4765A consists of an InGaAs photodiode that converts modulated optical signals to electrical signals, as well as some unique features to ensure high accuracy. Among those features is an internal regulator circuit that maintains accurate bias voltage to the photodiode. In addition, the MN4765A is thermally stabilized to eliminate drift in the photodiode's performance over temperature. To simplify operation, an external AC adapter is included with the MN4765A.

Further ensuring accuracy is the InGaAs photodiode itself. The photodiode has exceptional bandwidth response to 65 GHz and typical responsivity of 0.7 A/W. The high performance of the MN4765A enables the 37200C/37300C VNAs to conduct error-corrected transfer function, group delay, and return loss measurements of electrical to optical (E/O) and O/E components and subsystems.

Accurate and repeatable measurements are assured in each application due to the performance of both the MN4765A and Lightning VNAs. Measurement uncertainties of <0.5 dB at 50 GHz and <1 dB at 65 GHz can be achieved with the MN4765A's high linearity and accurate characterization. The VNAs have frequency stability of <5x10-9 and frequency resolution of 1 Hz.

Delivery is 6 to 8 weeks for the MN4765A.

About Anritsu
Anritsu Company is the American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative solutions for more than 100 years. With offices throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Central America, and South America, Anritsu Company provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems. Its measurement solutions include optical, microwave/RF, wireless and digital instruments that can be used during R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu Company also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed devices for design into communication products and systems.

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