BittWare, EZ-DSP to Offer Most Extensive DSP Libraries for TigerSHARC

10/13/2003 - BittWare, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with EZ-DSP, Ltd., the result of EZ-DSP's acquisition of BittWare's SpeedDSP Libraries (developed by Lightspray) for TigerSHARC®. BittWare will offer EZ-DSP's new TS-Lib optimized libraries for Analog Devices' TigerSHARC processor.

The new libraries have been expanded to include routines from SpeedDSP, making them the fastest and most extensive signal and image processing routines available for the TigerSHARC. TS-Lib is now a collection of hundreds of routines, including over 400 32-bit floating-point routines, over 125 16-bit fixed-point routines, and over 100 integer routines for the ADSP-TS101 and ADSP-TS20x TigerSHARC processors. TS-Lib also provides optimized striding versions of many of the critical routines. Written specifically to take advantage of the TigerSHARC superscalar architecture's ability to support multiple data types, these routines deliver optimal speed, performance, and flexibility. Their advanced calling interface and intuitive naming conventions also contribute to helping customers develop software faster, while drastically cutting development time and costs.

"The integration of SpeedDSP into TS-Lib results in the industry's most comprehensive and powerful libraries available for TigerSHARC, bar none," stated Darren Taylor, BittWare's Vice President Sales and Marketing. "EZ-DSP's TS-Lib libraries, when implemented on BittWare's TigerSHARC ADSP-TS101 or ADSP-TS201 based boards, create an incredibly powerful environment that allows OEMs to move from prototype to production in substantially less time," continued Taylor.

TS-Lib is the fastest programming option available on the market, providing the most optimized routines and largest functionality, including quad word memory access and cycle comparisons supporting multi-memory block usage. All routines are hand-optimized for the TigerSHARC architecture and employ the latest algorithm theory. TS-Lib is supported by over 12 years of experience in TigerSHARC development.

Libraries are available for manipulating large arrays of floating-point numbers and for performing Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs), windowing, statistics, sorting, histogramming, trigonometry, and timing. Striding and non-striding versions of the routines are available, and each routine returns execution error flag indicators to simplify debugging.

"EZ-DSP's extensive knowledge and expertise in floating- and fixed-point software for Analog Devices' TigerSHARC processors, when coupled with BittWare's position as the leading supplier of Analog Devices embedded hardware solutions, results in a 1-2 punch for OEMs that is guaranteed to knock time off their development efforts," noted Kenny Adamson, EZ-DSP founder and CEO.

Price and Availability
TS-Lib is available today in both 16-bit fixed-point (TS-Lib Fixed) and 32-bit floating-point (TS-Lib Float, which now includes an additional 100+ optimized 32-bit integer routines) libraries. Development seats are priced at $6,500 per library (Fixed or Float) or $9,750 when purchased together. The libraries are run time/royalty free when used and implemented on BittWare hardware.

About EZ-DSP, Ltd.
Founded in 2001 and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, EZ-DSP is a software company focusing on the Digital Signal Processing and high performance computing arenas. With its talented team of engineers, EZ-DSP offers custom system development as well as development tools and training. It is a center of expertise for programming the new TigerSHARC® DSP from Analog Devices, having developed EZ-Lib, the first and most extensive third party optimized floating point library for TigerSHARC processor

About BittWare, Inc.
Founded in 1989, BittWare, Inc. is the leading supplier of TigerSHARC and SHARC based DSP boards. BittWare exclusively uses Analog Devices' (ADI) TigerSHARC and SHARC technology to provide innovative standard and application-specific solutions for high-performance, real-time signal processing applications. Product offerings address OEM needs from prototype-to-production and span a variety of platforms, including PCI, CompactPCI, PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PMC, and standalone. For more information on BittWare and its innovative DSP solutions please visit

TigerSHARC is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.

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