Lack of Standards Slow Enterprise Blades Growth

10/10/2003 - Growth of blades in the enterprise may not experience the soaring rise that some expect. Although predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 77% through 2007, there are issues that could inhibit this opportunity and tactics that could stimulate growth even further.

Most enterprise blade vendors currently offer single source solutions, which concerns IT directors who are reluctant to invest in proprietary architectures. Reasons include:

VDC Group Manager Eric Gulliksen believes that implementing standards will only further the adoption of enterprise blades. Proprietary systems have historically been a sore spot for end users. They feel locked into one vendor and are frustrated at the lack of sourcing options. Standards for enterprise blades would offer the following benefits to users and vendors:

When asked his opinion on the benefits of standards to vendors Gulliksen answers, "I believe that acceptance among users could be accelerated through an increased understanding of potential benefits. The first major vendor to adopt a standards-based approach in the enterprise blade market will have an opportunity to win significant market share."

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