Texas Instruments Unveils NanoStar Wafer Chip-Scale Packaging

10/9/2003 - Enhancing its industry-leading portfolio of high-performance analog products, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced the delivery of select analog semiconductors in TIs NanoStarTM wafer chip-scale packaging (WCSP). This advanced packaging technology shrinks package size, increases design flexibility and improves reliability without sacrificing performance - critical elements to delivering differentiated power management, amplifier and data converter products.

Unlike plastic packages, NanoStar has no molding compound, lead frame, wire bonds or leads. Using standard surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly procedures, NanoStar can be mounted to a printed circuit board without additional under fill. Other benefits include improved electrical performance, thinner package profile and high assembly yields.

Key Products Available in NanoStar
TIs first power management ICs available in WCSP include the TPS793285, a new 200-mA radio frequency (RF) low-dropout (LDO) regulator, and the TPS62000 95 percent efficient DC/DC buck converter that supports a 2-V to 5.5-V input voltage and up to 600-mA output current.

The TPS793285 LDO is part of a successful family of low-power linear voltage regulators featuring high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), ultra-low noise, fast start-up and excellent line and load transient responses. Now available in a five-ball NanoStar package measured at 0.84 mm x 1.348 mm, the device provides an ultra-small footprint and package weight, and supports various portable applications such as handsets and PDAs.

The OPA2347 is a dual operational amplifier featuring excellent speed/power ratio (20 uA quiescent current/350 kHz bandwidth), DC precision, low-voltage operation and rail-to-rail performance. The combination of low-power consumption and an 8-ball NanoStar package, which measures only 1.008 mm x 2.100 mm, is perfect for a variety of battery-powered applications such as cell phones, pagers, cameras, PDAs, and remote sensors.

Ideal for cellular handsets and PDAs, the TPA2010D1 is a 2-W high efficiency filter-free Class-D audio power amplifier that requires only three external components. The device features high efficiency (87 percent), improved PSRR (-75 dB) and through its fully differential architecture, the TPA2010D1 has excellent noise immunity. Package dimensions being only 1.45 mm x 1.45 mm, this device will also be the smallest Class-D audio power amplifier available on the market. Upon release, the TPA2010D1 will be in a 9-ball NanoStar package with a lead-free option (NanoFree).

The TLV5614 is a quadruple 12-bit voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with a flexible serial interface, allowing glueless interface to TMS320TM, SPITM, QSPITM and MicrowireTM serial ports. Rail-to-rail output stage, power-down mode and NanoStar packaging, which measures only 2 mm x 2.7 mm, make this device ideal for single-voltage, battery-based applications. 8-, 10- and 12-bit quad and octal DACs are also available in NanoStar.

TI was the first logic supplier to offer single, dual, and triple gate Little Logic devices in WCSP in 2001. Low Voltage CMOS (LVC) and Advanced Ultra Low Voltage CMOS (AUC) Little Logic functions are available in 5-, 6-, and 8-bump NanoStar packaging. The 5-bump NanoStar devices, which offer a footprint of 1.26 mm2, are 70 percent smaller than similar devices available in industry-standard SC-70 packages.

TI WCSP products will be available in both lead (NanoStar) and lead-free (NanoFree) ball options, providing alternative packaging solutions for environmentally sensitive manufacturing.

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