Mindready Delivers FireWire for Rockwell Collins' Cabin Management System

10/8/2003 - Mindready Solutions Inc. (TSX: MNY), a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc., is providing core technology and expertise to Rockwell Collins for a new all-digital cabin management system designed for the business aviation market.

Built on IEEE-1394 / FireWire®, this new system allows the transport of multiple compressed (MPEG-2) audio/video streams over a single cable, thereby offering significant weight and footprint reductions, compared to currently-available analog and digital systems. These weight and size improvements directly translate to both reduced aircraft operation costs and enhanced functionalities for passengers. Furthermore, because the system is entirely digital, future upgrades to Video-on-Demand, Audio-on-Demand and Internet access can be implemented without changing the architecture or making significant changes to an aircraft's interior.

By adding MPEG-2 real-time compression/decompression coding to the high bandwidth and flexible topology of IEEE-1394 / FireWire®, the system enables a suite of applications to create a more enjoyable in-flight experience for passengers. These multimedia applications can include digital-quality music through headphones, speakers or cabin PA systems, and the high-quality display of films, moving maps, exterior cameras and airborne TV. The system supports full control of all audio, video and cabin environment functions, and integrates with Rockwell Collins' highly-customized cabin switch panels.

"The combination of Rockwell Collins' renowned proficiency in advanced cabin systems and Mindready's expertise in the development of complex embedded systems has created a new benchmark for cabin management systems," stated Marc Doré, Mindready's President and CEO. "The first of its kind to be deployed in the aviation industry, this new 1394-based system provides an enhanced experience for passengers and reduces aircraft operation costs while keeping the system costs in check for manufacturers," Mr. Doré added.

About Mindready Solutions
Mindready Solutions Inc. (TSX: MNY) is a leading supplier of automation systems, embedded systems and test systems for the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial, medical and telecommunication markets. Recognized as the world leader in industrial-grade IEEE-1394 / FireWire®-based products, systems and engineering services, Mindready offers complete innovative solutions based on this technology. Mindready's clients include Alcatel, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel Networks, Rockwell Collins, Sanmina-SCI, Visteon and Wind River. More information about Mindready and its products, systems and services can be found at www.mindready.com.

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