Traquair Unveils HERON High Density FPGAs with up to 8M Gates

10/7/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. announced a new series of HERON-FPGA modules featuring high density Virtex®-II FPGAs of up to 8M Gates, coupled with up to 512 Mbytes of on board memory. The modules target computationally intensive, real-time applications with substantial FPGA requirements and the need to store and process large amounts of data from memory. Examples include high performance multi-dimensional signal processing, image analysis, and sonar.

The new modules utilize 1, 3, 6, or 8MGate density Virtex-II FPGAs. When utilized within HERON Real-Time Systems, up to four such modules can be combined within a single PCI or CompactPCI slot, with options for combining additional modules in multi-board configurations.

The memory is provided as either one or two banks of 256Mbytes of 133MHz SDRAM. Each bank uses a 64Mx32 configuration and provides up to 500Mbytes/sec of data bandwidth. The optional second bank provides developers with the means to implement double buffering or other high performance techniques requiring concurrent access to more than one dataset.

Developed and produced by Hunt Engineering the HERON-FPGA modules are the most recent addition for HERON Real-Time Systems. HERON Real-Time Systems utilize a flexible, modular hardware architecture to form extremely powerful systems by combining Virtex-II FPGAs with optional TMS320C6000TM DSP processors and high bandwidth analog interfaces. Arbitrary combinations of FPGA, DSP, and I/O resources are fitted to PCI, CompactPCI or embedded HERON carrier boards, allowing developers to mix and match platform and processing resources to best fit their application requirements.

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