PointBase Improves Mobility with Latest Databases and UniSync Version

10/3/2003 - PointBase® , Inc., the leader in Java database products for managing and synchronizing enterprise data across all platforms, announced the release of version 4.7 of its award-winning PointBase Embedded and PointBase Micro databases, and its bidirectional synchronization software, PointBase UniSync.

PointBase UniSync now extends the powerful filtering capabilities of the full-service PointBase Embedded database to PointBase Micro 4.7 installations in small-device environments such as PDAs. In addition, PointBase Embedded 4.7 implements new JDBC 3.0 interface features, continuing the company's policy of staying current with the evolving JDBC standard.

“Data mobility is in a state of rapid growth, making it even more important to adhere to governing standards while responding quickly and effectively to input from users,” said Bruce Scott, CEO of PointBase. “With a 36.5 percent compound annual growth rate in the mobile middleware market, predicted to reach $1.6 billion by 2007, database users require the rapid increases in performance levels, unparalleled efficiency in resource use and robustness continually demonstrated by the PointBase product suite.”

In PointBase UniSync for Micro, new JOIN filters allow users to easily express complex, multi-table relationships within data to be synchronized to or from a PC, PDA or other small device. By extending complex data handling capabilities to tiny devices, PointBase provides the means to continue the market's rapid movement toward standards-based data mobility and platform independence, without delays caused by overtaxing mobile resources.

In addition, server data stored in Organization Index tables in PointBase Embedded are now fully supported by UniSync. On the server side, the new table backup and restore capability greatly improves management of large databases by supporting single or multiple tables with high performance, page-level backup operations.

Performance improvements and enhanced database robustness and stability are further extended by a variety of technical enhancements to Client/Server configurations. Improved cardinality estimation allows the PointBase Embedded query optimizer to select better query plans. Improvements to the data page cache means higher performance, particularly for large data sets. In addition, behavior of parameters passed at start up has been fully documented and tightened.

The PointBase Product Family – PointBase 4.7 products include:

For further information, visit PointBase at www.pointbase.com/pr47 or contact PointBase directly at 877-238-8798 ( U.S. and Canada ). Version 4.7 of all PointBase products can be downloaded for evaluation from the PointBase website at www.pointbase.com/47eval

About PointBase Inc.
PointBase is the leading provider of Java data management and synchronization products for the embedded database and data mobility markets. PointBase products are used in Java server applications and are also embedded within Java applications. The company's products are the preferred solution for Java mobile data applications found on laptops, PDA's and other mobile devices. Bruce Scott, part of the Oracle Corporation founding team and co-founder of Gupta/Centura Software, founded PointBase in 1998 with a management team that includes industry veterans from IBM, Hyperion and Oracle.

PointBase and the PointBase logo are registered trademarks of PointBase Inc. Java, 100% Pure Java, all Java-based trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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