NMS, Cellus USA Drive Operator Revenue with MyCaller Entertainment

10/2/2003 - NMS Communications (Nasdaq: NMSS), trusted supplier of communications products and services, and Cellus USA, a leading premium content provider, are offering US telecom operators MyCallerTM, the new service that lets subscribers replace the common, non-distinctive "ring ring" sound for their callers to hear with music selections, celebrity voices, amusing sounds, and other types of premium, for-fee content.

The MyCaller service is ideal for young adult mobile phone subscribers eager to express their individuality. BBC Research & Consulting recently validated the high interest in this service through a three-city concept test. Nearly 75 percent of the youth and young adults surveyed in geographically diverse Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Tallahassee liked or loved the MyCaller service, using "cool," "different," "entertaining," and "interactive" to describe the experience.

The success of the $1.5 billion downloadable ringtone market demonstrates that young adults want more entertainment and personalization services from their operators. The MyCaller ringback service is a fresh twist on entertainment services, helping retain existing subscribers and attract new ones, and giving operators even more sustainable recurring revenues, as it is a network-based service.

"Ringback tones go further than ringtones by allowing a subscriber to personalize not only their own calling experience, but also the calling experience of their friends. This creates a viral effect that rapidly spreads awareness and demand for ringback tones," according to Mark Winther, IDC's Group Vice President, Worldwide Telecommunications. "IDC believes this will be a big ARPU driver over the next few years, and NMS' MyCaller makes this an easy solution for operators."

"For operators today, it's all about delivering content in a fun and easy way along with high value for the subscriber," said Brian Demers, general manager and vice president of NMS' Network Solutions business. "MyCaller brings it all together for the operator -- the content library, the system and networking integration, and the billing and database interfaces to rapidly turn-up a service that works on the newest mobile handsets to plain old telephones."

NMS is providing the system platform, operating software, and networking expertise while Cellus USA is providing the subscriber and content management capabilities, as well as the actual for-fee content. The existing library of fully licensed content is in excess of 120,000 music tracks and 50,000 sounds and noises.

"This service represents a new category of for-fee services to U.S. operators. Our experience has shown that consumers are eager to express themselves with a variety of premium content via mobile services," said Bruce Ellis, Chairman and CEO of Cellus USA. "Operators benefit from Cellus USA's relationships within the music and entertainment industry to quickly access our enormous library of innovative and ever changing content."

About Cellus
Cellus USA is a leading provider of premium mobile content in North America with significant presence in the pre-paid retail marketplace. Cellus USA also provides a wide range of content to several wireless operators in the US on a wholesale distribution basis. Visit http://www.cellus-usa.com for more information.

About NMS Communications
NMS Communications (Nasdaq: NMSS) helps its customers increase revenues and returns on investments by rapidly deploying new carrier-grade communications products and services. Every telecom operator and communications equipment provider on the Global Fortune 50 list relies on NMS Communications for technology-leading products and services, including system building blocks, systems, consulting, and support. Visit www.nmscommunications.com for more information.

NMS Communications and MyCaller are trademarks of NMS Communications Corporation.

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