Nazomi, Thin Multimedia Target Mobile Handsets with Accelerated Video

10/2/2003 - Nazomi Communications, Inc., the inventor of universal and scalable solutions for boosting the performance of multimedia and JavaTM applications, and Thin Multimedia, Inc., a leading, worldwide provider of wireless video technology, announced that Thin Multimedia's video-enabling technology combined with Nazomi's JA108 multimedia application processor further increases the performance of streaming video. The combined solution provides up to 15 frames per second, a significant development over the current technology used in a mass market baseband processor.

"Working with Nazomi is a natural move for Thin Multimedia as we can now provide the highest performance to date for mass market handset subscribers of CDMA and GSM networks, delivering three to five times better compression ratios than other codecs," said Dale Park, president of Thin Multimedia. "In fact, our enhanced product is already being offered to consumers by SK Telecom, Korea's largest cell phone service provider, via its Giga platform cell phone specification standard. We look forward to future work with Nazomi and to the continued delivery of rich multimedia experiences including movie trailers, music videos, and animation to additional subscribers worldwide."

"Nazomi's JA108 is a unique application processor capable of accelerating any multimedia function. As such, we are delighted that our JA108 multimedia application accelerator is contributing to Thin Multimedia's capabilities in enhancing wireless video performance," said Mukesh Patel, president and CEO of Nazomi. "Thin Multimedia is clearly a leader in providing innovative mobile video solutions, and together we contribute significantly to making the multimedia experience richer, faster and more energy efficient for SKT's customers."

About Thin Multimedia Thin System video solution
Thin Multimedia provides a complete solution for wireless video streaming, including authoring tools, server software, and client software, based on a proprietary codec called Thin Client Media (TCM). thinCreatorTM is the authoring tool that transcodes video clips into TCM format video clips. thinServerTM is a complete video streaming and content management server solution for wireless operators, designed to support a large number of concurrent streaming users. thinPlayerTM is a lightweight, software-based handset decoder that plays streamed or stored video clips. It requires very little memory and processing power on the mobile device; and does not require support from a hardware decoder chip.

Additionally, Thin Multimedia offers a full range of video applications such as video MMS, video mail, video push via SMS, web-to-phone video push, and video match making.

About Nazomi's JA108 Multimedia Application Processor
The JA108 multimedia application processor, built on innovative and patented technology, is designed to offload the task of executing performance demanding multimedia applications from the baseband processor in wireless handheld devices. It accomplishes this without requiring additional memory, new tools or new porting efforts. The chip, which interfaces like a standard SRAM device, is a stand-alone application processor for Java and multimedia platforms that can be easily integrated into new and existing designs by using the memory bus. The chip is available in an 8x8 mm 132 ball TFBGA 0.5 mil pitch configuration.

The JA108 works with any baseband processor, chipset, system on chip (SoC), or microprocessor and is transparent to existing designs and legacy operating systems. It also gives designers the freedom to choose any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or real-time operating system (RTOS). The JA108 is designed to offer the highest multimedia application performance while balancing space, power, cost and time to market.

About Thin Multimedia, Inc.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Thin Multimedia is a leading, worldwide provider of wireless video technology; the company offers The Thin SystemTM, and Thin Client MediaTM (TCM). The Thin System is a wireless video streaming infrastructure, which includes streaming server software, authoring tools and client software. Thin Multimedia is the world's first wireless technology providers to launch wireless video messaging services. The company's technology is deployed in three continents with world class carriers and on over 13 million handset devices embedded with Thin Multimedia's client software. The technology is available on 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks. Headquartered in San Jose, California Thin Multimedia also has R&D operations in Seoul, Korea. For more information, please visit the company's website at

About Nazomi Communications
Nazomi Communications, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based fabless semiconductor company focused on providing multimedia application processor solutions to mobile phone manufacturers. Its solutions support processing and performance boosting of Java, video and imaging, 2D/3D graphics, animation, gaming, and other multimedia applications. In 2003, the company has announced significant technology agreements with Sharp and SK Telecom. To date, the company's acceleration technology for the Java platform and the JA108 application processor chip has already been included in over 1 million cell phones. Nazomi's application processors are supplied in the form of a standalone chip as well as stacked with memory combo devices in the form of a MCP (multi-chip package). The company owns fundamental patents on hardware acceleration technology for the Java platform. Nazomi, a privately-held company, was founded in September 1998, and is located at 2200 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, California, 95054, phone: (408) 654-8988, fax: (408) 654-2938, web:, email:

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