Mindready Automotive Reference Platform Evolves to MARP 200

10/2/2003 - Mindready Solutions Inc. (TSX: MNY), a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc., announces the launch of MARP 200, the latest evolution of its original Mindready Automotive Reference Platform (MARP). MARP is an intelligent in-vehicle communication platform supporting the development of multimedia, telematics and communication applications that interface through the powerful high-speed IDB-1394 serial bus.

Developed for the automotive and transportation market, MARP 200 reduces time-to-market for automotive electronics manufacturers as they develop next-generation multimedia networks. MARP 200 provides a complete, platform for interfacing new in-vehicles applications. By using IDB-1394 technology, MARP 200 facilitate the integration of DVD video players, navigation systems, digital video cameras, portable storage devices and other building blocks for advanced automotive multimedia networks.

MARP 200 key features include:

"Firecomms and Mindready have combined their expertise to develop this solution for the development of a reliable, cost-effective S200 Plastic Optical Fiber link," stated Firecomms CEO Declan O'Mahoney. "With this reference platform, automotive electronics manufacturers can significantly reduce time-to-market as they develop high-speed IDB-1394 S200 multimedia networks."

"The MARP 200 evolution shows Mindready's commitment to the electronics automotive market", stated Marc Doré, Mindready's CEO and President. "The newly-developed modules and the work carried out in partnership with Firecomms solidify the technological leadership of MARP clarifying at the same time the steps towards the integration of IDB-1394 into vehicles."

Automotive applications are becoming increasingly bandwidth-intensive as demand increases for more high-speed control and information. Next-generation automobiles will include DVD players, navigation systems, TV tuners, digital video cameras and LCD displays. The existing automotive multimedia networks used today will be rendered obsolete by the bandwidth requirements of these emerging applications. Mindready's MARP 200 enables automotive manufacturers to develop feature-rich applications, thereby allowing OEMs to further differentiate their products.

Automotive electronics manufacturers can take full advantage of the bandwidth provided by IDB-1394 networks to implement new applications with transmission speeds of 200 Mbps over a standard lightweight fiber optical medium equipped with a universal connection.

The potential for IEEE-1394 and IDB-1394 compliant products is magnified by a recent FCC-endorsed agreement that stipulates users' rights when copying broadcast programs, and the content providers' rights to restrict the copying of Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand. By including copy protection and digital rights, the cable and TV suppliers effectively endorse the 5C copy protection program that has guaranteed the expansion of home networks based on the IEEE-1394 standard. Consumer and computer products that support IEEE-1394 are being introduced worldwide at an accelerated pace. Most of these products are ready for Plug-and-Play use in IDB-1394 vehicle networks.

"IDB-1394 was designed to be the highest performance in-vehicle network available. By leveraging existing 1394 technology, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers can take advantage of the latest advancement made in the consumer electronic industry and bring these applications to their vehicle platforms in a reduced timeframe," said Brad Little of Texas Instruments, president of the IDB Forum and chairman of the 1394 Trade Association's Automotive Work Group. "It's expected that 1394 will become the multimedia network of future vehicles and, in this regard, Mindready's MARP 200 announcement is speeding up the acceptance of this standard in the automotive market."

The new MARP 200/IDB-1394 reference platform is now available to automotive electronics manufacturers as they develop next-generation multimedia networks. For more information, please go to www.mindready.com.

About Mindready Solutions
Mindready Solutions Inc. (TSX: MNY) is a leading supplier of automation systems, embedded systems and test systems for the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial, medical and telecommunication markets. Recognized as the world leader in industrial-grade IEEE-1394 / FireWire®-based products, systems and engineering services, Mindready offers complete innovative solutions based on this technology. Mindready's clients include Alcatel, Boeing, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel Networks, Sanmina-SCI, Visteon and Wind River.

More information about Mindready and its products, systems and services can be found at www.mindready.com.

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