Trolltech Qt Script for Applications Beta 2 Released

1/31/2003 - Trolltech released the second beta version of Qt Script for Applications (QSA). QSA is a multiplatform toolkit that allows you to make your C++ applications scriptable using an interpreted scripting language, Qt Script (based on ECMAScript).

With QSA you can easily transform your Qt applications into extendable, customizable, script-enabled applications by specifying which features should be scriptable. The script-enabled application can then be distributed, including QSA libraries, and the Qt Scripter IDE. This allows end users to customize the application to meet their specific needs.

QSA is scheduled for final release in Q2, 2003.

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About Trolltech
Trolltech is a software company with two flagship products: Qt and Qtopia. Qt is a multi-platform C++ application framework developers can use to write single-source applications that run—natively—on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and embedded Linux. Qt has been used to build thousands of successful commercial applications worldwide, and is the basis of the open source KDE desktop environment. Qtopia is the first comprehensive application environment built for embedded Linux, and is used in Sharp's new Zaurus SL5500 and SL-A300 PDAs. Trolltech is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Santa Clara, California. More about Trolltech can be found at

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