Traquair Data Systems' New PCI DSP Board Addresses Extreme Signal Processing Needs

1/31/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. introduced the HEPC9 PCI DSP carrier board, targeting computationally intensive, real-time applications such as software defined radios (SDR), industrial imaging, automation and sonar. The HEPC9 can be used individually or in groups to form extremely powerful DSP systems supporting arbitrary combinations of TMS320C6000TM DSP processors, high density Virtex®-II FPGAs, and high bandwidth analog interfaces.

Each HEPC9 can support a combination of up to four HERON DSP, FPGA and I/O modules. This flexible and powerful modular approach enables up to 9600MIPS of integer DSP performance, 4GFLOPs of floating point DSP performance, or 24MGates of Virtex-II FPGA resource in a single PCI slot. Individual HERON module options include TMS320C6701 DSP processor modules for up to 1GFLOPS per DSP, TMS320C6203 DSP processor modules for up to 2400MIPS per DSP, up to 6Million Gate FPGAs using the latest Virtex-II technology, and high bandwidth 12-bit and 14-bit A/D & D/A interfaces supporting 100MSPS+ sampling rates.

For extreme processing requirements HEPC9 boards can be combined to form large multi-board configurations, with their DSP, FPGA and I/O modules inter-connected within a single, seamless network of programmable and I/O resources. Users are free to combine different module types, mixing DSPs, FPGAs, and I/O interfaces, to accommodate very specific functional and performance requirements.

Combined use of the many resources within these large, extensible systems is made possible by the HEART communication system. HEART provides deterministic, high bandwidth (400Mbyte/sec) communications for transporting data quickly and efficiently between HERON modules, and between HEPC9 carrier boards using optional inter-board connectors. The inter-board connectors provide six 1.25 Gigabit bi-directional links, each capable of sustaining up to 125Mbytes/sec rates in each direction, between HEPC9 carrier boards.

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