Dell Doubles Density of its Supercomputing Clusters, Delivers High-Performance Interconnects

1/31/2003 - Customers deploying hundreds of standards-based servers in high-performance computing clusters (HPCC) can double the density of their servers and maximize floor space with Dell's server blades.

Dell's HPCC program offers configurations of six to 132 server-nodes with its PowerEdge 1655MC blade servers running Red Hat Linux. Customers can put up to 84 servers in a standard rack.

The company's eight to 128-node configurations of PowerEdge 2650 servers running Red Hat Linux for HPCC also support Myrinet interconnect networks from Myricom, a high-speed, low-latency interconnect technology optimized for supercomputing.

"Customers can deploy hundreds to thousands of Dell server blades in a Linux supercomputing cluster in considerably less space and for less cost for a growing number of applications," said Pete Morowski, vice president of software development and clustering in Dell's Product Group. "Dell is developing modular solutions for HPCC that provide top performance and address practical issues such as space, power, cost and deployment."

Additionally, Dell has created a new network of partners for high-performance computing to help deliver more complete solutions for customers' specialized requirements, including in such vertical industries as life sciences, energy and manufacturing. The program will consist of solutions integrators, consultants, independent hardware vendors and independent software vendors.

"Dell's HPCC partner network is an important step in delivering the many specialized computing solutions that are required in the high-performance computing market today," said Deb Goldfarb, vice president at International Data Corporation. "Dell is continuing to bring value to supercomputing with the standardized solutions that have made the industry take notice."

Founding members include: Cornell Theory Center, Cray Inc., Dell Professional Services, Emulex, Extreme Networks, Fluent, Intel, Microsoft, MPI Software Technology, Inc. (MSTI), MSC Software, Myricom, Platform Computing, QLogic, Red Hat, Scali and Turboworx.

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A 6-node certified configuration of Dell PowerEdge 1655MC blade servers running Red Hat Linux starts at $42,000.

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