Green Hills Software Delivers First RTOS for Intrinsity Processors

1/31/2003 - Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in embedded software technology, announced the availability of its INTEGRITY® real-time operating system (RTOS) for Intrinsity's FastMATHTM and FastMIPSTM processors. INTEGRITY provides a secure, responsive, deterministic platform for developing and deploying embedded FastMATH and FastMIPS software, particularly for applications like industrial control, medical devices, telecommunications, and aviation that require the utmost in high availability, reliability, and security.

FastMATH and FastMIPS are high-performance microprocessors that utilize Intrinsity's Fast14TM Technology to deliver up to 3x the performance of competing embedded processors. The 2-GHz FastMATH Adaptive Signal Processor combines a MIPS32 processor with a matrix and parallel vector math unit for use in real-time, math-intensive applications. The 2-GHz FastMIPS processor is the fastest MIPS 32 embedded processor available and the first general-purpose processor to include high-speed RapidIOTM ports.

"The combination of Intrinsity's ultra-high performance processors and INTEGRITY's high-reliability, royalty-free RTOS is an ideal solution for today's high-end embedded systems," said Intrinsity president, Paul Nixon. "Combine this with Green Hills Software's outstanding development tools and you have a comprehensive development and runtime environment that minimizes time to market for embedded developers."

INTEGRITY is a fast, deterministic, royalty-free RTOS designed for applications that require high performance, high reliability, and a cost-effective business model. Utilizing the hardware memory protection facilities of the Intrinsity processor's MMU, INTEGRITY builds a firewall between the kernel and user tasks that prevents errant or malicious code from corrupting user data, the kernel, interprocess communications, device drivers and other user tasks. INTEGRITY also enhances reliability and determinism by running with interrupts continuously enabled and guaranteeing access to the CPU and memory for critical tasks. Other RTOS solutions do not offer this protection or security, leaving systems vulnerable to failure from errant application, viruses, and hackers.

INTEGRITY is seamlessly integrated with Green Hills Software's MULTI® IDE. Together with the Green Hills family of optimizing C/C++/EC++ compilers, MULTI automates all aspects of embedded software development for Intrinsity processors. MULTI includes a source-level debugger, program builder, run-time error checker, version control, and code/performance optimization. INTEGRITY also supports Intrinsity's cycle accurate simulator, a platform that enables programmers to develop and test their Intrinsity code on a PC or workstation without the need for target hardware.

INTEGRITY's royalty-free business model is particularly valuable for developers of high-volume products, enabling lower manufacturing costs while at the same time offering developers the support of a successful commercial organization that's been in business for over 20 years.

INTEGRITY is available now for FastMIPS and FastMath processors, and works out of the box with Intrinsity's FastMIPS and FastMath evaluation boards. Green Hills also offers a porting kit and turnkey porting services for designers who want to port INTEGRITY to custom FastMIPS and FastMath platforms.

About Intrinsity, Inc.
Intrinsity, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company enabling the creation of more powerful, real-time and intelligent embedded systems. Founded in May 1997 with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and offices in Boston, England, and Japan, Intrinsity has introduced 2 GHz processors for embedded markets with the programmable performance needed to replace expensive hardware with flexible software. For more information about the company visit its Web site at

About Green Hills Software, Inc.
Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software Inc. is the technology leader for real-time operating systems and software development tools for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Our royalty-free INTEGRITY® RTOS, compilers, MULTI® and AdaMULTI Integrated Development Environments and Green Hills ProbeTM, offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and maximum reliability applications.

Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. For more information on Green Hills Software products, call 805-965-6044, email

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