Operators to Deploy New Services and Derive Maximum Benefit From SS7 Network Intelligence Using NMS Communications' New Monitoring Application

1/29/2003 - NMS Communications (Nasdaq: NMSS), trusted communications products and services supplier to every telecom operator and communications equipment provider on the Global Fortune 50 list, is offering operators a new SS7 monitoring application for collecting previously untapped signaling information that forms the basis of important new revenue-generating enhanced services. NMS' SS7 monitoring application consists of application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools that gather intelligence using a "tap" and "listen" mode on a live SS7 signaling link. Customers can use this information to develop useful functions that are not possible from traditional SS7 equipment such as Lawful Intercept (FBI wiretap or equivalent in other parts of the world), international roaming operator greeting short messages, and SS7 signaling link testing.

For international roaming operator greetings, a subscriber traveling in another country using his or her mobile phone can receive a message from that country's operator thanking them for using their network. NMS' monitoring application supports this by picking up MAP messages, which ride over an SS7 infrastructure. This in turn triggers certain conditions to generate a short message to be delivered to the user automatically. NMS' monitoring application is part of its complete family of SS7 hardware and software platforms to meet the needs of today's new generation network applications such as enhanced service platforms and IP telephony, network access, wireless, and SS7 signaling gateways.

"By using NMS' SS7 monitoring tool, we are able to develop applications which add another dimension to the enhanced services we deliver to operators," said Kelvin Cheung, General Manager, Communication Systems Division, Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited. "This development is indicative of NMS' forward thinking and communications expertise - deriving the fullest value out of an existing technology like SS7."

SS7 (Signaling System 7) is entrenched in today's wireless and wireline networks. SS7 carries a lot of information - or intelligence - about the network's status by allowing network elements such as switches to "talk" to each other, sharing information about the users and network status. Operators use this infrastructure to set up or tear down calls, for mobility management of users (roaming, cell handovers, etc.), and for enhanced services (calling number and name delivery, voicemail, short message service, IN-base prepaid, etc.).

"We remain committed to help our customers derive maximum value from their existing infrastructure. A tool like our SS7 monitoring application makes a great thing even better it gives operators a way to develop interesting services with their already valued SS7 infrastructure," said Gerrold Walker, vice president and general manager of NMS' Platform Solutions business.

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