Pair of Mating Devices Allow Socketing of 0.8mm Pitch 64 Pin ICís

1/29/2003 - Ironwood Electronicsí is introducing the SF-BGA64F-B-01 SMT foot and SK-BGA64F-Z-M-01 sockets assembly to allow socketing of Motorola Cobra or Atmel T89C51CC01 BGA devices. These chips have 64 pins and have a pitch of 0.8mm with an 8 mm body size. The two parts, SF-BGA64F-B-01 and SK-BGA64F-Z-M-01, when used together, allow the user with just the SMT pads, socket the 64 pin BGA.

The SF-BGA64F-B-01 is soldered onto the target board. The SK-BGA64F-Z-M-01 ZIF socket assembly is plugged onto the SF-BGA64F-B-01. The IC is put into the socket. Other modules such as probing adapters can also be plugged onto the SMT mounted SF-BGA64F-B-01 foot.

The socket on the SK-BGA64F-Z-M-01 is a 6.5 GHz bandwidth socket that is slightly larger than the IC with excellent heatsink capability. The user simply removes the simple twist lid, installs the IC, and installs the lid. Both devices use Ironwood Electronics patented technology.

Pricing for the SF-BGA64F-B-01 is $50.00 each quantity 100.
Pricing for the SK-BGA64F-Z-M-01 is $345.00 each quantity 100.

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