Web Technologies Important to future of Call Centers

1/27/2003 - Few industries in the past decade have undergone a change as massive and complex as customer service. Together, the Internet and e-commerce have brought sweeping changes in everything from routing emergency calls to gaining tech support quality, and even the very philosophies of how customers should be handled.

A recent VDC survey of call center managers found that almost all believe that web technologies will be important to the future of their business. In addition, over 68 percent of the respondents to the survey are already using one or more web technologies, including e-mail/SMS, instant text chat, and web-based self service.

The driving force behind these changes is an expansion/revision in basic call center objectives. Measures of success in call center operations have changed dramatically in the last decade. While once only call completions or number of orders were the primary measure, depending on the call center function, customer centric measures are now the focus.

Founded in 1971, VDC is a technology market research and consulting firm that specializes in industrial and commercial electronics, computing, communications, software and power systems markets.

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