NSIcom Releases CrE-ME (crème) Version 4.0 Beta

1/24/2003 - NSIcom announced that CrE-METM (crème) Version 4.0 beta 1 has been released. CrE-ME V4.0 is the first release of the J2ME CDC version of the CrEme Virtual Machine, and as such fully supports the Foundation & Personal profiles, which are based on JDK 1.3.1. A CrE-ME V4.0 beta 1 evaluation kit is available from http://www.nsicom.com

CrE-ME V4 .0 can also be executed in CrEme V3.xx mode (Personal Java compatibility mode), by using the -pjava command line parameter. In this mode, it uses the classes of old-style Personal Java standard instead of the J2ME CDC classes.

Benefit now from the rich features of CrE-ME V4.0 for your Windows CE.net, Windows CE V3.0 H/PC, PocketPC, and PocketPC 2002 devices.

Main Features:

NSIcom’s patented JVM technology is the best choice for Java applications running on Windows CE devices. We at NSIcom are dedicated to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customer base. From the initial trial stages onwards, the high level engineering services of our customer-support team provide you with all the professional help that you might need for the successful deployment of your Java product.

The CrEme Java Virtual Machine is available on all types of WinCE devices. All versions of Windows CE and all current CPUs are supported.

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