1/23/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced a broad range of products, programs, and industry awards for Linux that support the company's expansion into the x86 server marketplace.

Highlights of the announcements include:
New offerings of the Sun[tm] ONE software stack on Linux, including the immediate availability of both Sun ONE Application Server 7 and the recent delivery of Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 on Linux. To date, Sun has delivered seven Sun ONE products on Linux, up from only two products that were available six months ago. Other Sun ONE products that support Linux today include Sun ONE Web Server 6, Sun ONE Active Server Pages, Sun ONE Studio 4, Sun ONE Grid Engine, and Sun ONE Grid Engine,Enterprise Edition.

Imminent delivery of other Sun ONE products on Linux, including Sun ONE Portal Server, Sun ONE Identity Server, Sun ONE Calendar Server, and Sun ONE Messaging Server, all of which are scheduled to run on Linux within the year. New contributions to the open source community, including today's announcement that Sun is expanding its commitment to the open development of grid computing technologies with the contribution of its Grid Engine Portal portlet technology to the open source Grid Engine Project. (See separate announcement, "Sun Microsystems Contributed Grid Engine Portal Technology to Open Source Grid Engine Project.")

In a joint announcement with Ximian, Inc., the Sun ONE Evolution Connector, a joint solution that provides an open, low-cost communications and collaboration alternative for Linux and Solaris desktop users. The Sun ONE Evolution Connector provides complete integration for Sun ONE users with Linux and Solaris desktops to the open source Evolution email and calendaring workgroup. This enables them to easily collaborate with Windows-based coworkers. (See separate announcement "Sun Microsystems and Ximian Partner to Enhance Enterprise Communication and Collaboration; Sun[tm] ONE Communications Platform Delivers Up to 10X Lower TCO Than Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.")

All Java[tm] technology offerings for the server and the desktop are tested and available on the Linux Operating System: Java[tm] 2, Standard Edition (J2SE)[tm], Java[tm] 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)[tm] including J2EE v 1.4, Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP), and the Jini[tm] Starter Kit (JSK).

Mad Hatter, Sun's Linux desktop solution, is slated for beta this spring and for general availability this summer.

Industry accolades for the Sun[tm] LX50, the industry's first enterprise-class, low-cost system to ship with pre-integrated and optimized software and applications. The LX50 won 4 out of 5 penguins in a recent review in Linux Magazine; received 4 stars in a recent review in New Architect Magazine, and also won the recent LinuxWorld Enterprise Evolution Award,

ACCPAC, a subsidiary of Computer Associates, announced official certification of its ACCPAC Advantage Series[tm] and ACCPAC Pro Series[tm] accounting applications--both have been tested and approved for the Sun LX50. Both ACCPAC Advantage Series and ACCPAC Pro Series are modular suites of financial and operational accounting applications. (See separate announcement "ACCPAC Announces Advantage and Pro Series Available for Sun's Linux Product Line.")

"Enterprises across the world seeking to leverage the value of Linux and open source now have a world class option with Sun," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president, software at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun continues to be an innovator in Linux -- and that's truer than ever as we bring more products, partnerships and programs to Linux and the x86 server and desktop marketplace. Linux is a real growth opportunity for Sun and we are continuing to make enterprise-class software available on Linux through both our Sun ONE offerings and our Mad Hatter project."

"We're ecstatic to see the growing industry momentum behind open source desktop technologies and applications, a drive we have helped fuel," said David Patrick, president and CEO, Ximian. "Like Sun, providing customers with choice is a core value for Ximian. We're proud to partner with Sun to further the ease of use, productivity and interoperability needed to propel the adoption of Linux in enterprise desktop computing environments."

Sun has made significant contributions to the open source community over the last 24 months. These have radically changed the desktop computing market with the founding of in 2000 and the support and ongoing contributions to the GNOME Foundation. Sun is driving similar innovations in grid computing with the contribution of the Grid Engine Portal portlet technology to the Grid Engine Project, The portlet, which integrates Sun[tm] ONE Grid Engine software with Sun ONE Portal Server technology, provides an open source code base that securely accesses grid resources via a portal from virtually any location inside or outside the firewall. Another significant open source contribution is the Jini Applications Manager (JAM) prototype that was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing. The JAM technology is the first toolkit that allows Jini technology to be coupled with distributed resource management tools, such as Sun's Grid Engine Software, to join multiple grids into a virtualized set of resources.

More information on Sun's open source participation and ongoing list of contributions to other open source projects can be found at

Mad Hatter Momentum
Sun is on track to deliver Mad Hatter, its open standards desktop strategy announced at its SunNetwork[tm] conference last September. Sun's desktop strategy will integrate the Linux desktop with a new client solution that eliminates the expense of traditional desktops, while significantly bolstering security and authentication. The Mad Hatter project is based on open source technology and open standards, including GNOME, Mozilla and StarOffice[tm], as well as communications client solutions. It is an ideal alternative for enterprise users needing office productivity and communications tools. The Mad Hatter solution is slated for beta release in spring 2003 and general availability in summer 2003.

About Sun ONE
Sun ONE, the integration of Sun's award-winning portfolio of software products, is Sun's vision, architecture, platform and expertise that enables the development and delivery of Java web services. Through its open, integrateable architecture, Sun ONE extends current enterprise systems to help reduce costs and complexity while improving organizations' return on assets.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network Is The Computer[tm]" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the World Wide Web at

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