OSE Drives Fleet Logistics for ICS Onboard Computer

1/23/2003 - Industrial Control Systems (ICS), a European market leader in onboard computers, announced that OSE Systems, Inc. (OSE) has been chosen for the new Nexus onboard computer for fleet logistics and management. ICS chose OSE because it offered the needed reliability and scalability required for satellite-based networks. OSE is integrated in the Nexus black box that is the central part of the onboard computer.

“We were highly confident that OSE was the right product for our next-generation onboard control system," said Anton Rosier, director, Industrial Control Systems. “After evaluating other RTOS, it was apparent that OSE provided the most robust, reliable and maintainable operating system. The added bonus was reducing our development time considerably."

"Telematics, a system consisting of putting a computer and a wireless connection together with an operator or data services, like the Internet and a global positioning system (GPS), into a vehicle is a very complex process,” said Vance Hilderman, vice president of US operations, OSE Systems, Inc., North America. “The OSE message-based real-time operating system architecture designed for distributed, advanced multiprocessor, multicore heterogeneous application excels as a hard real-time platform for Telematics applications and was a deciding factor for ICS."

The world market for Telematics is expected to grow up to $40 billion in 2005. By that time every new vehicle will be equipped with a Telematics system (source: Dataquest). Typical applications will include safety and emergency systems, traffic and navigation support, as well as smart and safe communication and information.

Nexus and OSE RTOS
The Nexus onboard data acquisition and control system is used for real-time fleet logistics, cargo routing, driver tracking and vehicle analysis. Nexus consists of a black box and terminal. The black box features an ARM7 processor running the OSE real-time operating system (RTOS) and a SOLID embedded open database. The black box automatically gathers all vehicle data like distance speed, RPM’s, fuel consumption or position via several digital, analog and CAN bus signals. The OSE RTOS handles the real-time processing of all signals and stores the relevant information in the database or communicates it via an embedded communication media, an RF or GSM modem. The Nexus system can be expanded with a Windows CE.net based terminal, which acts as the driver’s user interface. The terminal can be used for manual input of data, messaging and voice calls. Since the terminal runs it’s own operating system and has its own memory, it can run commercially available Windows software for a navigation system. The combination of the OSE RTOS and Windows CE.net allows ICS to reach maximum reliability combined with high flexibility and openness in their product.

About ICS
Industrial Control Systems (ICS), a part of Pon Holdings BV (Netherlands), produces onboard computers for logistic applications and fleet management solutions. ICS is the European market leader in onboard computers and has over 25 years of experience in providing information applications for mobility. ICS works together with partners in the whole of Europe. The products are distributed throughout Europe using professional distributors. For more information on ISC and Nexus please visit www.ics.nl or www.nexusonboard.com.

About OSE Systems
OSE Systems is the technological leader of real-time operating systems software and services for the communications market. OSE is also used in safety-critical, high-availability, distributed and fault-tolerant applications such as avionics, medical, automotive and industrial control. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony and Boeing. OSE is a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA). Enea markets and sells services, products and training in specialized technical arenas, including real-time application development and support for embedded systems as well as IT and e-business solutions. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Enea employs approximately 600 people worldwide. For more information on OSE, please visit www.ose.com. For more information on Enea please visit www.enea.com.

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