1/22/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) continues its tremendous growth trajectory in the volume entry server market, as illustrated by the Sun Fire[tm] V880 server's success as the fastest selling eight-way server in 2002, gaining significant ground in higher education. Helping more than 250 universities throughout North America achieve their education and administration goals, Sun is delivering innovative and cost-effective technologies that bring true value to these institutions with it's complete line of affordable, high performance entry-level Sun Fire servers - the Sun Fire V100, V120, 280R, V480 and V880 servers. The Sun Fire servers, combined with the Sun Ray[tm] desktop provides end-to-end solutions, giving users a comprehensive, enterprise class desktop solution that helps reduce complexity and cost, improve security and enhance the productivity of its mobile users.

Sun delivers highly scalable systems at Wintel server pricing, meeting and exceeding the unique demands of cost-constrained higher education institutions. Universities value the choice Sun provides through open source technologies that can reduce the complexity of managing the information technology (IT) environment.

Benefits of Sun's entry-level systems include ease of deployment and integration, and the addition of Sun ONE software at no additional cost.. To help ensure that Sun's entry-level Sun Fire servers are Web-ready, Sun Fire V100 and V120 servers include Sun ONE Web server and Sun ONE Application Server software.

"By their very nature, universities are on the cutting edge of research and technical computing, and their IT environments must keep pace with research and administrative demands," said Kim Jones, vice president of global education research for Sun Microsystems. "Sun understands the needs of the education community, because our roots are in higher education. We have a long history of providing highly innovative technology with exceptional performance, like the Sun Fire V100, V120, 280R, V480 and V880 servers, at a price point that doesn't drain universities' restrictive budgets."

Cal Poly Pomona Universities, Emory, Florida Atlantic, Michigan Technological University, Stanford University, University of Colorado, Boulder, University of Houston, University of Idaho, Desert Ranch Institute, and the University of Utah are among the "who's who" of higher education organizations utilizing Sun Fire V100, 280R, V480 and V880 servers in their IT environments.

"Sun's entry-level Sun Fire servers are a natural fit for the higher education market, providing the faculty, students and IT administration with cost-effective and streamlined processes to access and manage information. With these volume systems, Sun enables universities to provide their students the ability to keep pace with today's ever-changing technologies," said Neil Knox, executive vice president of Volume Systems Products for Sun. "In addition to the education industry, we have continued to make significant progress in new markets such as retail, manufacturing and government."

Sun Fire Volume Servers Make the Grade at the University of Colorado, Boulder
The IT staff at the University of Colorado, Boulder use Sun Fire 280R, V480 and V880 servers to help run three intensive applications - WebCT, an online courseware tool that provides easy course management, student progress tracking and grading tools; PLUS, a secure application that offers students access to up-to-the-minute personal information, such as financial aid and health insurance, and general information such as class schedules and textbook requirements; and a WebMail application, which is currently being used by 23,700 students. Since the installation of the highly scalable Sun servers, the university has already seen an increase of 75 percent in the usage of the PLUS program in the first three weeks of Fall Semester 2002, versus the first three weeks of Fall Semester 2001.

"Our IT infrastructure supports 26,850 full-time-equivalent students and 2,000 faculty on our campus. We noticed the value we have added to our student's education efforts and our faculty's work experience with the Sun Fire V480 and V880 servers," said Linda Drake, manager of computing systems, University of Colorado, Boulder. "We are continuously building and providing our students and faculty with innovative technologies to enhance their lives on campus and to keep us on top of the rapidly changing IT environment."

University of Utah Experiences Immediate Results with the Sun Fire 280R, V480 and V880 Servers
By selecting Sun, the University of Utah is able to provide its campuses with cutting-edge technologies, while staying within its budget limits. "As a public institution, we have very limited financial resource. We chose the Sun Fire 280R, V480 and V880 servers not only because they provide the fastest multi-processor capabilities to support our Sun Ray computing environment compared to other vendors in the market, but also because they are the most competitively priced," said Research Professor of Mathematics Dr. Nelson Beebe, at University of Utah. "For example, with the Sun Fire V480 and V880 servers, we have experienced high availability, simplified IT management -- including software upgrades -- and access to software applications that legacy X-Terminals do not support or offer. To me, that's a truly compelling value proposition."

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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