Atmel Introduces a Fully Integrated USB Secure Microcontroller Solution in a Single Package

1/22/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced that it is sampling a fully integrated USB Full-Speed secure microcontroller in a PQFP44 package. The AT90SC6464C-USB-I integrated package solution that requires no external clock is based on Atmel's secureAVRTM RISC microcontroller. It includes 128Kbytes of on-chip non-volatile memory, powerful cryptography capabilities, a very high level of physical and data security, and a dual interface USB V2.0 Full-Speed interface as well as the standard ISO 7816 smart card interface.

The AT90SC6464C-USB-I targets eTokens used in PC-based secure applications. This package solution can also be embedded in peripherals, set-top boxes, modems, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), copyright protection devices and other equipment. Wherever data needs to be protected, the AT90SC6464C-USB-I can provide highly secure and cost-effective solutions in applications such as transactional security, e-mail and network encryption, software and file protection, MP3 and digital camera data storage protection.

The AT90SC6464C-USB-I features a dual communication interface, including both USB V2.0 Full- Speed (12 Mbps) and ISO 7816, for direct connection to either of these popular communication parts. It also incorporates 64Kbytes of on-chip Flash memory and 64Kbytes of EEPROM. Flash program memory gives unrivalled flexibility for new applications with the ability to load or upgrade application code during the production run with no delay.

The AT90SC6464C-USB-I includes all the security features already built into the AT90SC secure microcontroller series. In particular, it provides a 16-bit RISC crypto processor for very efficient execution of the highest-level encryption algorithms, RSA, AES 128/128, SHA-256. In addition, a hardware T-DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard) coprocessor, a true RNG (Random Number Generator) and support for ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) enhance the high cryptography performance of this device.

Herve Roche, Atmel's Smart Card IC Marketing Manager stated, "A fully integrated USB Full-Speed secure microcontroller is now available in a PQFP44 package. The AT90SC6464C-USB-I gives customers the advantage of a USB V2.0 Full-Speed (12 Mbps) interface in a high-end secure chip while getting a cost-effective solution that requires no external USB clock. This provides a great system cost benefit for e-banking, e-commerce, VPN, PKI, secured email and copy right protection".

The AT90SC6464C-USB-I in PQFP44 package is available now in engineering samples. Production quantities are also available at a price of US $4.00 in quantities of 200.000 units.

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