Espial Technology Selected by Fleetwood Electronics for Commercial Telematics Platform

1/21/2003 - Fleetwood Electronics has selected the Espial Suite for Telematics to improve efficiencies in the service and transport industry. Espial is a creator of software that powers the world of smart Internet devices. Fleetwood pioneered a Java-based vehicle terminal that extends back office systems to the driver. By connecting the mobile resources with back office systems, Fleetwood Electronics dramatically improves the efficiency related to service operatives and tracking and cargo transportation.

Fleetwood Electronics required an open platform based on OSGi. To comply with existing and future standards, Espial technologies enables Fleetwood Electronics to provide built-in future proofing to their suite of tools. Ease of use was a key consideration, as Fleetwood's customers require a solution that is quickly and easily deployed.

"Espial Espresso is extremely easy to use and has helped us to considerably advance our development schedule," said Linda Paterson, chief operating officer at Fleetwood Electronics. "Espial Devicetop allows us to develop apps 90% of the way down before we have to touch the hardware. The ability to develop on a PC to this level makes our work, and that of our customers, so much easier."

Fleetwood Electronics provides the critical software and technology to link in-vehicle systems with office systems. These technology solutions minimize the old fashioned paper trail associated with transporting goods and services. Real time data capture via Fleetwood Electronics technology makes the process much more efficient, and provides an immediate return on investment for customers.

"Companies like Fleetwood Electronics quickly realize the benefits of Espial technology, including OSGi compatibility and the ability to customize and brand their own device GUI's," said Bob Egner, vice president of worldwide marketing at Espial. "Specialized applications such as the suite Fleetwood Electronics has developed are advancing the next generation of telematics applications that can quickly provide a return on technology investment."

Fleetwood Electronics is deploying their Fleetwood Mobile Terminal and Software Suite, and the Fleetwood Mobile Tracking Terminal to mobile workers and transportation systems around the world.

About Espial
With more than 90 device design wins with companies such as Intel, Motorola, On Command, Philips and Samsung, Espial has deployed proven solutions for devices relying on Internet technology. Espial software allows customers to create services, deliver devices, manage infrastructure while building revenue in a cost effective manner. Espial technology applies universally across sectors such as TV, wireless, automotive and other connected devices. Visit

About Fleetwood
Fleetwood develops and sells a unique 'open' software and hardware development platform in the enterprise applications market. The platform enables remote business processes and resources to be managed in real time so making it highly attractive to Value Added Resellers, including Software Vendors and Systems Integrators, as well as end user companies. Fleetwood is a UK based company with representation in North America, Australasia and South Africa. Visit"

For further information please contact:

Craig Olson
Media Relations, Espial
+1 515 224 7641

Linda Paterson
COO, Fleetwood
+44 20 8748 7565

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