Contract with Canadian military research agency

1/21/2003 - DMR Conseil, a division of Fujitsu Consulting, announced that it has won a Cdn$3.75-million contract with Defence R&D Canada (DRDC).

DMR Conseil will work on a project called ISTAR, which will boost the Canadian military's technological capabilities. André Pouliot, DMR Conseil general manager, said ISTAR will allow the military to improve how it gathers, analyzes and transmits data in real-time situations.

"Within the framework of this contract, and in collaboration with our partners, DMR Conseil will be responsible for designing, building and integrating an innovative data-gathering and analysis system. We are particularly enthusiastic about contributing to enhancing our client's knowledge and information sources," Pouliot said.

The announcement was delivered at a joint news conference with Canada's National Defence Minister, John McCallum, and DRDC's general manager, Denis Faubert.

Additional Information
The project is called ISTAR, which stands for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance and falls under the Technology Demonstration Program of DRDC. It will allow the creation, analysis and transmission of critical information to military command in emergency situations.

"I am pleased to announce the agreement to develop this leading-edge technology for the Canadian Forces. Getting relevant information quickly into the hands of commanders and their staff is key to effective military operations. ISTAR is a significant breakthrough in information technology developed here at DRDC Valcartier," said the Honourable John McCallum.

Already acknowledged as a pioneer in optoelectronics, DRDC Valcartier will contribute to the development of a critical mass of knowledge and expertise in information technology through the implementation of this project.

"Through Project ISTAR, DRDC Valcartier will integrate a wide range of detection technologies resulting from advanced optoelectronics with information systems. ISTAR will produce information that will benefit command while ensuring compliance with Canadian Forces procedures. Results obtained from ISTAR may also be used in law enforcement," stated Denis Faubert, Director General of DRDC Valcartier.

The need to gather information on the enemy and the environment has been an integral part of command and tactical manoeuvres throughout the history of warfare. The information era and networking of databases have made more information available to command and staff, helping them to plan and launch operations. The team involved with Project ISTAR will focus their efforts on the weaknesses and limitations of current systems.

Along with progress made in miniaturisation, ISTAR will improve the way information is sought, received, amalgamated, and transmitted at crucial moments for commanding officers. ISTAR will serve as a test bed for the demonstration of feasible technological solutions to identified deficiencies. The knowledge acquired will improve information fusion in ground force operations and will open the way to new methods of working in this area of expertise. The development of Project ISTAR is scheduled to take place over the next two years.

About Fujitsu Consulting
DMR Conseil is a leading provider of IT consulting services to business and government in the Quebec region. The company's offerings cover industry-recognized methodologies, including Macroscope®. DMR Conseil, whose tradition of excellence dates back to the company's founding in 1973, has 850 employees in its Montreal and Québec City offices. Fujitsu Consulting, DMR Conseil's parent company, is a trusted global provider of management and technology consulting services with more than 8,000 employees in 70 offices worldwide. Fujitsu Consulting is a subsidiary of the $38-billion Fujitsu group.

About Defence R&D Canada
Established in the region for near 60 years, Defence R & D Canada - Valcartier (formerly known as DREV), is the largest and most diversified of the six research centres of Defence R&D Canada, an agency of the Department of National Defence. The Centre is renowned for its excellence in information systems, optoelectronic systems and combat systems. Although its primary purpose is research leading to military applications, civil applications also emerge as a result of work undertaken. Increasingly, DRDC Valcartier is providing leverage and an interface for industry in the awarding of contracts on national and international markets.

The Centre employs 360 people and operates on a budget of close to $60 million. With a broad scientific program, DRDC actively collaborates with industry, international allies, academia, other government departments and with national security community. With a broad scientific program, DRDC actively collaborates with industry, international allies, academia, other government departments and with national security community.

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