Squire Technologies Builds Distributed VoIP Gateway Using Brooktrout’s Voice over Packet and SS7 Platforms

1/21/2003 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New NetworkTM, announced that Squire Technologies, specialist in contract CTI application development, has selected Brooktrout’s TR2020TM voice over packet platform and its NS700TM signaling system 7 (SS7) platform for their signaling and media gateways. Designed for a large national telephone company in Africa, the gateway provides connectivity between the telephone company’s network, private voice over packet networks, and legacy R2 switching equipment, allowing calls to be passed to and from the various phone networks without interruption.

“We developed on Brooktrout’s TR2020 and NS700 platforms because they provided the density, functionality and price required by the project,” said Andrew Cooper, managing director of Squire Technologies Ltd. “In addition, the open architecture of Brooktrout’s products is very important to us because it allows us full flexibility during implementation, as well as full control after installation, so that we can make our own modifications as needed.”

Squire’s system design consists of a distributed architecture with an SS7 signaling gateway and VoIP and R2 gateways connected via IP protocol. This model allows for a high level of redundancy and fast upgrade of the system as the telephone company expands its network. The TR2020 provides the platform that mediates network traffic between the circuit-switched and packet-switched networks, allowing the calls to pass from one network to another. Brooktrout’s NS700 provides the SS7 signaling interface providing global interoperability with networks around the world.

The TR2020 enables developers to create media gateways for a variety of network environments including packet-based wireless local loops, voice over cable, and IP PBX/Centrex, as well as IP-enabled enhanced services platforms for conferencing, messaging, and network announcements, among others. The TR2020’s range of voice compression methods such as G.723.1 and GSM-FR makes it well suited for wireless and wireline applications.

Brooktrout Technology’s NS700 platform is an SS7 signaling interface platform available in PCI and cPCI configurations. The PCI board offers up to four E1 or T1 interfaces; the cPCI board offers four or eight T1 or E1 interface ports. Each has a high performance on-board processor to off-load the host from lower layer requirements. The NS700 PCI and cPCI boards conform to the ECTF H.100 and H.110 standards specifications and support a wide range of SS7 signaling layers, including ISUP and other call control variants, TCAP, GSM/3GPP MAP, SMS and INAP. Brooktrout's NS700 product line can support up to a total of 32 SS7 Signaling Links on-board.

About Squire Technologies
Squire Technologies (www.squire-technologies.com), a UK based software house, specializes in the development of bespoke telecommunication equipment using innovative modular software techniques combined with best of breed interface hardware to quickly produce high performance telecom equipment at a fixed price. Squire offers a complete service assisting with conception to full responsibility for design, implementation, QA and commissioning of product required by companies who do not have the experience, the man power or can not find a suitable product on the open market, to realize commercial requirements. Squire has more than 20 years of combined experience in providing telecommunications equipment, and works with companies to budget for product development and to get a reliable product to market at fixed cost and on time.

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology (http://www.brooktrout.com/) delivers innovative hardware and software platforms that enable the development of New NetworkTM applications, systems and services in targeted market segments, including voice over packet gateways and switches, enhanced services platforms, wireless infrastructure, messaging, and contact centers. The company’s strategy is to collaborate with its partners to help them increase existing business, expand into new markets and accelerate the delivery of new applications and services. Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT). For more information, visit http://www.brooktrout.com/investor.

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