Kaparel shows ACTA Developer Chassis at Bus and Board 2003

1/20/2003 - Kaparel Corporation announced that they will display their 6141-ATCA Developer Chassis, with their 11401 Full Mesh Backplane (compliant with the PICMG 3.0 AdvancedTCA specification), at the Bus & Board Conference in Long Beach CA. The Bus & Board Conference (www.busandboard.com) is an annual event co-sponsored by VITA and PICMG, and is focused on VMEbus, CompactPCI, PCI, PC104, motherboards, and mezzanine cards for embedded applications.

The Kaparel AdvancedTCA (ATCA) Developer Chassis, initially introduced in November 2002, is intended for developers of next-generation telecommunications systems designed to comply with the PICMG 3.0 specification, ratified by the PICMG Executive Committee in December 2002. The Kaparel ATCA Developer Chassis provides a 19" rackmount shelf option with a Kaparel 11401 Full Mesh, 14-slot backplane. The 14Ux84HP chassis accommodates 14-slots of 8U x 6HP x 280mm boards and 14-slots of 8Ux6HPx70mm Rear Transition Modules (RTMs), and includes 6 bottom-mounted DC fans, dual –48 VDC input feeds and ESD socket. The chassis is designed for radial or bussed IPMB and available immediately with a suggested single unit price of the unit is $4508.00 U.S.

Jacques Houde, Kaparel’s Director of Engineering and a member of the PICMG 3.0 subcommittee stated, "The Kaparel 11401 Full Mesh Backplane is a 36 layer PCB and in a recent full load test, with 14 slots at 200W, thermal imaging shows it runs very cool in operation."

The AdvancedTCA specification is for next-generation telecommunications equipment and aimed at further expanding the market for off-the-shelf modular solutions for carrier grade communications equipment. PICMGÒ also expects to see interest in AdvancedTCA from other industries such as data communications and military equipment manufacturers. Additional specifications include PICMG 3.1 for Ethernet fabrics, PICMG 3.2 for InfiniBandÒ , and PICMG 3.3 for StarFabric Interconnect.

Kaparel General Manager Tom Sutherland commented, " Kaparel has been an active member of the PICMG 3.0 subcommittee since its inception and our Jardon Engineering Division completed the signal integrity analysis and backplane routing for the Full Mesh backplane under contract for the PICMG 3.0 subcommittee." Mr. Sutherland added, "The long time involvement of both Kaparel and Jardon in telecommunications and in other high-speed designs provide us with the experience to offer this viable ATCA development platform for the market."

Bus & Board
Bus & Board Conference (www.busandboard.com) is an annual event co-sponsored by VITA and PICMG. This conference is focused on VMEbus, CompactPCI, PCI, PC104, motherboards, and mezzanine cards for embedded applications. The speakers for the January 2002 conference include market research analysts, editors from major electronics publications, and industry experts from military, industrial, and telecom market segments. The Conference runs January 20 - 21, 2003 in Long Beach California.

Kaparel Corporation
Kaparel is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company that develops, manufactures, and globally markets high-speed backplane solutions to the Converging Communications market. From its pioneering work in CompactPCIÒ bridge designs, Kaparel has quickly become a leader in many aspects of high-speed backplane architecture technology (www.kaparel.com).

Kaparel specializes in high slot count, hot swap and high availability systems and has custom designed over 250 high-speed and CompactPCI backplanes for major global telecommunications and computer manufacturers. Founded in 1996 (as the cPCI division of PixStream Incorporated), Kaparel is based in Canada’s Technology Triangle in Waterloo, Ontario and is a part of Rittal International (www.rittal.com), the world’s largest electronic enclosure manufacturer with offices in over 55 countries.

Jardon Engineering Inc.
Jardon a division of Kaparel Corporation is a leader in the PCB interconnect design and layout located in Tustin California. With over 30 years of experience Jardon specializes in high speed (up to 10 Gbps), high complexity backplanes and daughter cards and can provide a one-stop solution from signal analysis and layout design to fabrication and assembly. (www.jardon.com ).

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