Apex, North America’s Leading DVD Player Manufacturer, Adopts Cirrus Logic Digital Video Recording Chip Solution

1/20/2003 - Apex Digital, North America’s sales leader for DVD players, has selected Cirrus Logic, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: CRUS), CS92288 A/V CODEC as the MPEG audio and video encoding solution for its new combination DVD player and hard drive-based digital video recorder, the Apex PVR-1000. Targeting a market entry price of below $500, Apex’s Personal Video Recorder product is in pre-production now with expected volume production in late January 2003 for availability in North American and European consumer retail outlets by 1Q 2003.

Apex’s digital video recording devices are designed to offer consumers an affordable device that will play DVDs and also record video content – such as broadcast television and home movies – onto a hard drive. The Apex PVR also offers a “time-shifting” feature, allowing users to begin playback of recorded content, such as a television program, while it is still being recorded.

“Apex Digital is a sales leader in the DVD market because we provide high-value, affordable consumer products, and Cirrus Logic is helping Apex take an early leadership position in the digital recording market,” said Ancle Hsu, chief operating officer, Apex Digital. “We expect tremendous sales of our new DVD recorder product; in fact, early product demonstrations are showing the Cirrus-enabled time-shift recording feature to be exceptionally popular.”

Cirrus’ CS92288 solution is at the heart of the PVR-1000, providing the digital encoding function that allows for digital recording of broadcast television or other content directly onto the unit’s 40 gigabyte hard drive. Cirrus’ CS92288 encoding solution provides easy-to-use high-quality video recording over a wide range of bitrates.

Much of Apex’s sales leadership in the DVD player market is driven by its extensive consumer retail distribution network, which includes many of North America’s leading retailers such as Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Fry’s Electronics, Sears, HH Gregg, K-Mart, Rex TV and others.

“Apex is the world’s leading DVD player manufacturer because it makes great consumer products at affordable prices and has a tremendous global distribution network,” said Terry Leeder, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Cirrus Logic. “Cirrus is delighted to be providing Apex with the solutions it needs to extend its leadership into the rapidly growing digital video recording market.”

DVD-based products that can record content digitally are expected to become the fastest growing segment in digital entertainment during the next several years, with analysts predicting possible unit sales ranging from 14 to 18 million by 2005. These devices will allow consumers to upgrade more than 30 years of VCR technology and begin to store and view content in the digital domain.

Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog and DSP chip solutions for consumer entertainment electronics that allow people to see, hear, connect and enjoy digital entertainment. Building on its global market share leadership in audio integrated circuits and its rich mixed-signal patent portfolio, the company targets mainstream audio, video and Internet entertainment applications in the consumer entertainment market. Cirrus Logic operates from headquarters in Austin, Texas, with offices in California, Colorado, Europe, Japan and Asia.

Apex Digital Inc.
Headquartered in Ontario, California, Apex Digital Inc. is the country’s leading manufacturer and marketer of DVD home entertainment players and the fastest growing supplier of analog and digital televisions. The company’s products are now carried in over 15,000 retail outlets nationwide. For more information about Apex Digital Inc., go to www.apexdigitalinc.com.

Cirrus Logic is a trademark of Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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