ADS Technologies Selects Cirrus Logic to Power New Consumer Digital Video Recording Device

1/20/2003 - Cirrus Logic, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRUS), announced that ADS Technologies will incorporate Cirrus’ USB-DVR 2.0 reference design into the latest version of its popular Instant DVD line of consumer digital video recording products.

Named Instant DVD 2.0, the new ADS device leverages third-generation Cirrus Logic digital video recording technology that enables consumers to use a personal computer to record audio and video in real-time from any analog or digital video (DV) source, encode it into MPEG-2 format, store it onto a PC for editing and save it onto DVD recordable media. The ADS product features improved performance over previous versions – improvements made possible by combining the increased bandwidth of USB 2.0 compatibility with the superior video quality and audio/video (A/V) synchronization provided by Cirrus Logic’s CS92288 MPEG-2 A/V CODEC.

“The new ADS device is a compelling consumer product that showcases the advantages of our USB-DVR 2.0 reference design,” said Terry Leeder, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, Cirrus Logic. “Cirrus and ADS have a history of working together to develop popular consumer devices, and the Instant DVD 2.0 product should continue this tradition.”

The USB-DVR 2.0 reference design is a USB-based PC peripheral that makes it easy for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and/or on-demand manufacturers (ODMs) to rapidly bring to market compelling new DVD recording products at mass market price points. The USB-DVR 2.0’s third-generation design offers distinct cost and performance advantages over competitive offerings. Due to its simplified, field-proven design, USB-DVR 2.0 requires fewer hardware components, effectively reducing system/software complexity and lowering bill of materials costs, while providing an enhanced product feature set with robust performance.

In addition to allowing for the creation of DVDs, the Cirrus chipset also makes it possible to play live cable television on a personal computer monitor, as well as perform PVR functions, like time shifting and pausing live television broadcasts. The design also supports a cost-effective DV daughterboard that enables digital camcorders to be directly attached to a PC using a high-quality, lossless, digital connection for data transfer and camcorder control.

Cirrus’ CS92288 MPEG-2 audio/video CODEC lies at the heart of the USB-DVR 2.0 reference design and enables recording of superior video quality over a wide range of bitrates. In addition to the CS92288, other primary USB-DVR 2.0 hardware components include the Cirrus CS4223 audio CODEC, the Cirrus CS4954 digital video encoder, a USB 2.0 controller, a video digitizer and SDRAM memory.

ADS Technologies’ Instant DVD 2.0 is currently in production, with consumer availability scheduled for March 2003. The product will be marketed and distributed worldwide, including U.S. retail availability at Circuit City, Best Buy and CompUSA.

Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of high-performance analog and DSP chip solutions for consumer entertainment electronics that allow people to see, hear, connect and enjoy digital entertainment. Building on its global market share leadership in audio integrated circuits and its rich mixed-signal patent portfolio, the company targets mainstream audio, video and Internet entertainment applications in the consumer entertainment market. Cirrus Logic operates from headquarters in Austin, Texas, with offices in California, Colorado, Europe, Japan and Asia.

ADS Technologies
ADS Technologies is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and IEEE 1394/FireWire solutions. PYRO 1394DV, the first consumer-priced digital video editing solution on the PC market, has been widely adopted by owners of digital video camcorders for its ease-of-use for first time DV editors, its functionality and its low cost. The USB Instant DVD was the world’s first external USB MPEG-2 device for capturing and authoring DVD movies on a personal computer. ADS Technologies’ products are distributed by Ingram Micro in the United States, Canada and Europe.

ADS Technologies’ products are available in nearly 3,000 consumer electronic and computer retail stores – including CompUSA, Circuit City, Micro Center, Fry’s Electronics, Electronics Boutique, Data Vision, Radio Shack stores and hundreds of others – and through OEM private label customers around the world who market ADS Technologies products under their own brand name. For more information, please visit the ADS Web site at or call (800) 888-5244.

Cirrus Logic is a registered trademark of Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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