Sabtech's new low cost NIA II (NTDS I/O Analyzer), Now available as a Portable or Rackmount system

1/16/2003 - Sabtech's new low cost NIA IITM (NTDS I/O Analyzer) allows users to easily troubleshoot NTDS types A,B,C,D or E. This can be done ship board or from the lab from a remote location. The NIA IITM can buffer capture or continuous capture, the data exchanged between two actively communicating NTDS devices and allows the ability to see what is actually happening on an NTDS channel.

The NIA IITM provides visibility to quickly analyze hardware & software performance, interface timing relationships, protocol, throughput and data integrity. The NIA IITM Rackmount can monitor up to 5 different NTDS channel types and the Portable system can monitor up to 3 different NTDS channel types.

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