1/16/2003 - Raisonance announces immediate availability of an integrated toolchain for the STFIVE family of microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics. RCST5, MAST5, RLST5, SIMICE-ST5 and CCST5, respectively ANSI C Compiler, Macro Assembler, Linker, Simulator and CodeCompressor for the ST5 architecture work seamlessly under Raisonance Integrated Development Environment (RIDE), which is common to the existing ST6 toolset, thus extending Raisonance's tools range for ST targets. The ST5 architecture, with its large register file and its Decision Processor Unit (DPU) has been designed to be C-friendly and to allow easy implementation of control algorithms, while at the same time providing a wide choice of peripherals and memory types and reducing the overall system cost.

RCST5 takes full advantage of all these new features by offering a choice of different memory models and object sizes, all supported by assembly-written libraries. CodeCompressor, Raisonance proprietary post-linker technology complements RCST5 work by reducing the code size of the whole application (including C, Assembler and Libraries) by yet another typical 10%, up to 30% depending on the application. SIMICE-ST5 provides accurate simulation of all ST5 derivatives, core and peripherals. All the parameters of the selected derivative are automatically taken into account by all tools to reduce the possibility of errors, and there is the possibility to define custom (or future) derivatives by hand, by specifying the peripherals and the memory size and location.

RIDE integrates all the tools and provides drivers for the simulator and evaluation / development boards available. Raisonance and ST have worked together at the integration between RIDE and VisualFIVE, in such a way that the fuzzy rules to be interpreted by the Decision Processor Unit can be generated by the dedicated VisualStudio Graphical User Interface and can be immediately reused within RCST5 via an intrinsic function, in the middle of ANSI-C code.

ST5 tools from Raisonance are available immediately in the Professional and Enterprise (+CodeCompressor and additional tools) Versions. A free version including unlimited Assembler, Linker and Simulator (Compiler is limited to 1k) is available at www.raisonance.com for download. RkitST5 is distributed and supported worldwide via Raisonance offices, distributors and on-line sales.

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