PLX announces a broad PCI Express interconnect family based on the new PLX BulletTrain architecture

1/15/2003 - PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT; announced a set of PCI ExpressTM-compliant interconnection devices based on the new PLX® BulletTrainTM on-chip architecture. The devices from PLX are part of the first wave of PCI Express products, and the initial devices are expected to begin appearing in systems in early 2004.

These high-speed switching and bridging devices from PLX will enable central-processing and network-processing units, and input/output (I/O) devices to communicate through PCI Express Base and Advanced Switching backbones in the server, storage, industrial control, and communications markets. They are aimed at both motherboard designs, chassis-based systems such as the new AdvancedTCATM-compliant PICMG 3.4 initiative being driven by PLX, and the add-in cards and blades that are the foundation of these architectures.

"While makers of storage and communications systems are moving steadily toward next-generation interconnect architectures such as PCI Express, it is essential they be able to apply it to a range of applications and take advantage of the PCI Express capabilities for implementing the versions for Base and Advanced Switching operations in order to provide for innovation of higher-performance, higher-bandwidth solutions," said Paul Zorfass, senior analyst with International Data Corp./FTI (Framingham, Mass.). "PLX is approaching the market with a robust architecture and logical roadmap that should address system makers' needs."

"We made our decision to invest in PCI Express in 2001 and embarked on product development shortly after that," said Larry Chisvin, vice president of marketing for PLX. "Since our goal was to offer the first and the broadest selection of interconnect devices, we recognized that different markets would require different solutions. In order to efficiently provide a wide range of products quickly, we developed a new chip development architecture called BulletTrain."

PLX BulletTrain Architecture
BulletTrain is a non-blocking, high-performance on-chip switching mesh that allows rapid intellectual property (IP) reuse. It is the foundation for all PLX products, beginning with the initial PCI Express devices that the company will be releasing. BulletTrain defines a uniform interface that separates the protocol-specific logic from the common internal switch fabric. This allows both the protocol specific IP and fabric to be reused in future products, enabling PLX to quickly create an entire family of PCI Express interconnect products to meet emerging industry needs.

In addition to IP reuse, BulletTrain scales to accommodate the number of ports necessary to create useful switches and bridges. Using BulletTrain, PLX can create a new product quickly, by replicating and attaching additional Station IP onto the fabric. Because of the IP reuse, the engineering effort is limited to system integration and verification, greatly reducing the time to market.

Complementing its technology efforts, PLX has endeavored to help educate members of the technology community on PCI Express. PLX will be presenting at the Bus and Board Conference on Monday, Jan. 20, exploring the markets for PCI Express products and how they fit. PLX also will be providing more details on the products that are being designed for those markets, as well as the BulletTrain architecture itself. PLX also will be conducting Webcasts on PCI Express, beginning in February.

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About PLX Technology
PLX Technology, Inc. (, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., USA, is a leading supplier of high-speed interconnect silicon to the storage and communications industry. The PLX solution provides a competitive edge to our customers through an integrated combination of high-performance silicon, hardware and software design tools, and partnerships. These innovative solutions are designed to enable our customers to develop equipment with industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability. Furthermore, the combination of PLX product features and supporting infrastructure allow customers to bring their designs to market faster. PLX PCI I/O Accelerators, switched-PCI products, and HyperTransport Tunnel-to-Dual PCI-X devices are designed into a wide variety of embedded PCI communication systems, including switches, routers, line cards, media gateways, base stations, access multiplexers and remote access concentrators.

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