Echelon Brings Low Cost Power Line Networking to Any Device

1/15/2003 - Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON), the creator of the LonWorks® device networking platform and the worldwide leader in networking everyday devices to each other and the Internet, announced a groundbreaking set of products that make it cost-effective to add intelligence and power line networking to any everyday device. The new PL 3120® and PL 3150® Power Line Smart Transceivers are open ANSI standards based, "devices on a chip" that deliver the world’s leading power line technology and an intelligent networking processor core in a package the size of a pencil eraser head. The PL 3120 and PL 3150 each have a North America single unit price under $10 with substantial high volume discounts, and are expected to sample in February and June, respectively. Volume availability is expected in April and summer 2003 for the PL 3120 and PL 3150, respectively.

"Echelon's new Power Line Smart Transceivers raise the bar for power line networking products - field-proven, standards-based, plug and play communications in a single highly integrated, low-cost chip," said Jaclynn Bumback, In-Stat/MDR's Home Networking analyst. "The penetration of power line networking into everyday devices has been stymied by the lack of low cost, high quality, enabling technology. Products like Echelon's new Smart Transceivers are just the catalyst the market needs to break open, and drive rapid growth in the consumer market for smart appliances and devices."

Developed in conjunction with STMicroelectronics, the PL 3120 and PL 3150 Smart Transceivers use state-of-the-art chip manufacturing technology to pack a Neuron® Chip core — an 8-bit multi-processor optimized for intelligent, connected devices — together with a new, fourth generation implementation of Echelon’s field-proven PLT-22 Power Line Transceiver technology onto a single chip.

"These new power line transceiver products are an important step forward for Echelon and, we believe, for the entire device networking industry," said Ken Oshman, Chairman and CEO of Echelon. "The volume advantage that we have through our current power line projects has enabled us to take the next step in integration and cost reduction, leading to products with unmatched price and performance that we believe will open new markets and further propel our growth. We are thrilled to have STMicroelectronics as a partner as we believe they represent the leading edge of semiconductor design and manufacturing ability and have a proven track record of quality, innovation, and execution."

According to Aldo Romano, Corporate VP and General Manager of STMicroelectronics' Telecom, Peripherals and Automotive, "We are very pleased to work with Echelon on these new, important products. We see a fast growing market opportunity for smart, Internet connected devices in homes and businesses over the next few years. Our relationship with Echelon puts STMicroelectronics in an ideal position to benefit from this boom."

Designed to send information between everyday devices like appliances, electric meters, water heaters, security systems, and lighting systems through a home or building's AC power wiring, the PL 3120 and PL 3150 Smart Transceivers employ advanced digital signal processing and error correction techniques to ensure reliable signaling. The products can be used worldwide and comply with regulations from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (Japan), FCC (US), Industry Canada (Canada), and CENELEC (Europe).

"Samsung has developed a line of home appliances that use Echelon's power line technology, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and gateways. Our line is already being sold through retailers in Korea and is an integral part of a residential complex in Korea. Commercial services of control/monitoring over Internet and mobile phone are already in place. This robust power line networking technology will also be used in a home network showroom in Madrid, Spain – a project which Samsung recently announced with Telefonica," said Mr. Yongoe Han, president of the Digital Appliance Business unit at Samsung Electronics. "We are committed to the home networking market and believe that low cost, highly reliable power line device networking technology is essential to success. Echelon's new power line Smart Transceivers, with their unmatched price and performance, are exactly what our industry needs for accelerated growth," continued Mr. Han.

The PL 3120 Smart Transceiver combines an enhanced ANSI/EIA 709.2 compliant power line transceiver with a Neuron core, 4K bytes of non-volatile memory for application code and configuration information, 2K bytes of RAM, and I/O drivers, a task scheduler, and the ANSI/EIA 709.1 device networking protocol built into ROM. Ideal for use in sensors, actuators, switches, lamps, and energy meters, the PL 3120 Smart Transceiver operates at up to 10MHz and is offered in a 38-lead TSSOP package.

The PL 3150 Smart Transceiver combines an enhanced ANSI/EIA 709.2 compliant power line transceiver with a Neuron core, 0.5K bytes of non-volatile memory for configuration information, 2K bytes of RAM, and an external memory bus that addresses up to 64K bytes of external memory. Ideal for use in devices with larger application programs or more input/output (I/O), the PL 3150 Smart Transceiver operates at up to 10MHz and is offered in a 64-lead TQFP package.

About Echelon Corporation
Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ: ELON) is the creator of the LonWorks® platform, the world's most widely used standard for connecting everyday devices such as appliances, thermostats, air conditioners, electric meters, and lighting systems to each other and to the Internet. Echelon's hardware and software products enable manufacturers and integrators to create smart devices and systems that lower cost, increase convenience, improve service, and enhance productivity, quality, and safety. Thousands of companies have developed and installed LonWorks products and more than 24 million LonWorks enabled processors have been shipped for use in homes, buildings, factories, trains, and other systems worldwide.

The protocol underlying LonWorks networks and the signaling used by Echelon's power line and free topology transceivers have both been adopted as standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Echelon is also a founding member of the LonMark® Interoperability Association, an open industry forum of hundreds of leading manufacturers, integrators, and users dedicated to promoting the use of interoperable LonWorks devices. More information is available at Further information regarding Echelon can be found at

Echelon, Neuron, 3120, 3150, LonWorks, LONMARK, the LONMARK logo and the Echelon logo are trademarks of Echelon Corporation registered in the United States and other countries.

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