Dinkumware Ships Unabridged Library for VC

1/13/2003 - Dinkumware, Ltd. is now shipping the Dinkum Unabridged Library for VC++, which combines standard conforming libraries for C++ and C99 with Dinkumware's popular Abridged and EC++ libraries. The combined library has been tested with VC++ V6.0, V7.0 (.NET), V7.1 (Everett or .NET 2003), eVC++ V3.0, and eVC++ V4.0. It supplements the Dinkum Unabridged Library Generic Package, which works with most other popular compilers.

“We've had great success with our V3.08 upgrade library for VC++ V6.0, as well as our C++ and Abridged libraries for Windows CE,” said P.J. Plauger, President of Dinkumware, Ltd. and original author of the Dinkum C++ Library. “We've combined all our C and C++ libraries in one package for all currently used versions of VC++, to maximize compatibility and simplify development.”

Versions of the Dinkum Standard C++ Library have been shipped with Microsoft VC++ for the past six years. Many leading vendors of embedded compilers ship the Dinkum EC++ Library or the Dinkum Abridged Library, which adds the Standard Template Library to EC++. “We're getting requests from our desktop customers for EC++ and from our embedded customers for full C++,” said Plauger, “so we figured it was time to offer our unique full-spectrum solution across the board.”

The Dinkum Unabridged Library can be configured in a number of ways. You can disable multithread synchronization, for faster execution in a single-thread environment. You can also disable the use of exception handling code and of namespaces. And you can enable special iterator debugging checks -- a superset of the tests available with other libraries, this feature helps you detect invalid iterator operations in the Standard Template Library, as well as null pointers and invalid ordering rules for sorting or ordering maps, sets, and hash tables.

Dinkumware is the only commercial supplier of third-party Standard C libraries, and the first to offer a library that fully conforms to the 1999 revision of Standard C (also known as C99). The Dinkum Unabridged library combines any of the various C++ libraries with original Standard C, as amended through 1995, with C99, or with the native C library that accompanies VC++.

To test the Dinkum C++ Library, Dinkumware also licenses the Dinkum C++ Proofer, a comprehensive test suite, and the Dinkum Quick Proofer, a more compact suite tailored for applications developers. Both Proofers have options for testing conformance of a library to the Embedded C++ Technical Specification, the Dinkum Abridged Library, or just the Standard Template Library component alone.

Dinkumware, Ltd. also licenses the Dinkum Jcore Proofer, which tests conformance of the Java core language and library, and a Java core library with runtime support for a compiled environment, for use with the EDG Java front end. For further information, call +1-978-371-2773 or visit their web site at http://www.dinkumware.com.

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