OSGi plug-ins for Borland JBuilder and Eclipse IDEs enable the fast development of network-based services

1/10/2003 - ProSyst's OSGi plug-ins extend the functionality of the Borland's JBuilder and Eclipse IDEs in order to shorten the development time of innovative network-based services and applications.

The OSGi alliance specifies a Java-based service delivery platform that allows service-providers, gateway operators, device and car manufacturers to deliver, deploy and manage network-based services in a standardized and cost-effective manner. Using the ProSyst plug-ins, the development of such services - known as OSGi bundles - is highly facilitated. Thus, software developers are not only empowered to develop the required functionalities in a much shorter timeframe but are also freed up to fully concentrate on their core competencies and business logic.

ProSyst's innovative OSGi plug-ins offer wizards and tools for the automatic generation and editing of the bundle skeleton, its bundle activator and the Manifest file. All bundle properties, such as bundle name, classpath, native code, import and export packages and other dependencies are visible and can be set. Code generation facilitates most common bundle operations, such as the reception of service references, the registration of service implementations, the addition of service listeners and many others.

In addition, these OSGi plug-ins allow the remote administration of a gateway framework, as well as the direct installation of bundles on a target platform. Using the plug-ins, bundle developers are able to connect from and within their development environment to any framework that is designed to be OSGi-compliant, such as ProSyst's certified mBedded Server.

For software developers who have not yet settled on a particular Integrated Development Environment, such as JBuilder or Eclipse, ProSyst offers its own IDE mBedded Builder, which incorporates not only the OSGi extensions, but also supports a broad variety of other features such as Team Work Development, Debugging, Profiling, Testing and many more.

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