Xilinx and Amphony Team to Deliver World's First Digital Wireless RF Headphones with CD Quality Sound

1/10/2003 - At the Consumer Electronics Show, Xilinx, Inc., (NASDAQ:XLNX) announced that Amphony, a leading developer of wireless electronic products based in Germany, utilized Xilinx® CoolRunner® CPLDs in its latest 2.4-GHz Model wireless headphones. Delivering CD quality sound without applying any audio compression at a data rate of over three million bits per second (Mbps) and at a suggested retail price of $249, the Model 2000 digital wireless headphones are geared towards medium and high-end consumers as well as the audio professional and will complement Amphony's Model 1000 digital wireless headphones which sell at just over $100. The Xilinx-enabled headphones can be viewed at the Amphony booth #27167 at the CES show in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2003.

"By combining low cost, low power, and a drastically reduced time-to-market advantage, Xilinx programmable chips provided the ideal platform for our wireless headphones," said Gunter Fellbaum, marketing director at Amphony. "CoolRunner-II CPLDs will play a significant role in our next-generation of consumer audio devices as well."

"Consumer products companies such as Amphony are discovering the benefits of our low-cost programmable silicon as a viable alternative to ASICs," said Sandeep Vij, vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Xilinx. "Amphony's innovative audio products are an excellent example of the contribution programmable logic can make to designs for low-cost consumer markets."

About Amphony's 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Headphones
Amphony's line of digital wireless headphones and digital wireless audio transmitter products brings the benefits of 2.4 GHz digital audio transmission and the freedom of wireless operation to home audio entertainment. Their data rates of over 3 Mbps allow transmission of true CD-quality audio without any audio compression and the inherent audio degradation and latency. The Model 2000 digital wireless headphones from Amphony offer an extended frequency response over the Model 1000 and achieve unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio by employing a noise-shaping filter at the headphones to remove any quantization noise from the audible frequency band and by offering fully digital audio interfaces at the transmitter to eliminate any unnecessary analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog conversion.

About CoolRunner-II RealDigital CPLDs
CoolRunner-II RealDigital CPLDs provide the time-to-market advantages of a programmable device without the typical price premium normally associated with low power devices. Available in densities ranging from 32 to 512 macrocells, the CoolRunner-II family achieves performance of over 300 MHz and pin-to-pin delays as fast as 3.5ns while providing a standby current of less than 100 microamp (<100uA) - an industry first. The CoolRunner-II Fast Zero PowerTM (FZP) design technology creates a new class of CPLD that utilizes a 0.18 micron process and 1.8V core voltage to provide both high performance and ultra low-power consumption in a single device.

About Amphony
Amphony, based in Berlin, Germany, is a technology company that provides solutions for the consumer and industrial markets in the area of high-quality audio transmission technologies. For more information, visit www.amphony.com.

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) is the worldwide leader of programmable logic and programmable system solutions. Additional information about Xilinx is available at www.xilinx.com.

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