Broadcom’s Family of High Definition Products Form the Core of EchoStar’s “Best of Show” DishPVR 921 Satellite TV Receiver

1/10/2003 - Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband communications, announced that the next generation, state-of-the-art DISH NetworkTM satellite TV home entertainment system from EchoStar Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: DISH), the DishPVR 921, incorporates multiple chips from Broadcom’s High Definition Television (HDTV) product family. This marks the second consecutive year that Broadcom’s products have powered EchoStar’s Innovations “Best of Show” award-winning products at the Consumer Electronics Show, which continues through January 12 in Las Vegas, Nev.

The DishPVR 921 will include the Broadcom® BCM7021 HDTV solution, which provides audio, video, graphics and personal video recording (PVR) support, the BCM4500 advanced modulation receiver, the BCM3440 CMOS satellite TV tuner, the BCM7501 digital visual interface (DVI) transmitter, and the BCM3510 HDTV Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)-compliant terrestrial broadcast receiver.

EchoStar’s DishPVR 92l is the first satellite TV receiver to combine all the functionality necessary to receive both satellite and terrestrial high definition video broadcasts with a DVI 1.0 interface for a digital connection to high definition video televisions and monitors. Consumers using the DishPVR 921 will enjoy ultimate flexibility in PVR capabilities to record, watch or pause a program, watch instant replays and use VCR-like functions, such as fast forward and fast reverse, on multiple high definition programs.

The DishPVR 921 offers up to 250 hours of standard definition recording capacity and up to 40 hours of high definition recording capacity, and allows consumers to record two programs simultaneously or watch a live program while recording another. The system also has standard definition picture-in-picture (PIP) capability on any television, as well as ports for high-speed Internet access for display on a television.

Broadcom’s family of high definition video products provides the underlying technology for these capabilities. Satellite broadcast reception is powered by the BCM4500 8PSK (Phase Shift Keying) receiver and BCM3440 satellite tuner, which allow EchoStar to provide its customers with additional channel offerings, including high definition programming, while utilizing existing satellite bandwidth.

The BCM7021 high definition chip supports the latest HDTV requirements, which include multiple display formats and resolutions, studio quality text, and graphics support for applications including electronic program guide (EPG), on-screen Caller ID and web browsing. The PVR capability in the BCM7021 provides the control for watching and recording multiple programs and enables additional features including fast forward, fast reverse, skip forward, skip back and slow motion, and frame-by-frame viewing.

The BCM3510 ATSC-compliant receiver provides DishPVR 921 customers the ability to access the rapidly increasing number of high definition programs available from their local broadcast stations. In addition, the BCM7501 DVI transmitter provides a digital video interface that includes high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) to protect the content from piracy.

“Broadcom met all of our requirements for the best technology in highly integrated solutions for tuners, 8PSK receivers, ASTC receivers, high definition decoders, and DVI,” said Mark Jackson, Senior Vice President at EchoStar. “EchoStar appreciates the continuing relationship with Broadcom and its commitment to our requirements.”

“The DishPVR 921 is the first satellite TV home entertainment system to offer consumers high definition PVR capabilities,” said Dan Marotta, Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom’s Broadband Communications Business Unit. “It is rewarding to once again provide EchoStar with silicon solutions for its award-winning products and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship.”

The EchoStar DishPVR 921 will be available to consumers in 2003. The Broadcom BCM3440, BCM3510, BCM4500, BCM7021, and BCM7501 chips are available today.

About Broadcom
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