Cable Modems Using Microtune RF Technology Achieve Certification in CableLabs' First DOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable Testing Waves

1/8/2003 - Reaching another significant cable industry milestone, Microtune®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUNE) announced that two cable modems achieving CableLabs' DOCSISTM 2.0 certification and one cable modem earning PacketCableTM qualification were based on Microtune's radio frequency (RF) silicon and systems tuner technologies. In its 24th testing round, CableLabs® for the first time certified cable access equipment against advanced new specifications, supporting the ability of cable operators to deliver high-speed, two-way capability (DOCSIS 2.0) and packet telephony and multimedia services (PacketCable 1.0).

These recent awards extend Microtune's continuing leadership as a strategic supplier of cable modem RF and analog electronics. In addition to providing the RF components for more than 13 million DOCSIS cable modems, the company has delivered RF cores for the world's first DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 cable modems (deploying both systems-based and silicon tuners), the world's first computer-based cable modem, and the world's first voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) cable modem for EURO-DOCSIS 1.1. Microtune's tuners have also been combined with demodulators from four of the leading demodulator manufacturers in DOCSIS cable modems, including those from two suppliers in newly DOCSIS 2.0-certified modems.

"We are very pleased that our customers achieved DOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable certification in this inaugural wave of testing against CableLabs' rigorous new specifications," said Douglas J. Bartek, Chairman and CEO of Microtune. "It demonstrates our ability to provide cable manufacturers with proven, field-tested RF solutions that accelerate time to development and certification. It also reflects our vigorous commitment to develop forward-looking products that provide technology foundations for advanced cable equipment, permitting cable providers to expand their portfolio of new revenue-generating broadband services."

In addition to the DOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable awards, Microtune also supplied the RF technology to multiple cable modem manufacturers that achieved DOCSIS 1.1 certification in CableLabs' 24th testing wave.

CableLabs' DOCSIS, EuroDOCSIS, PacketCable and CableHomeTM specifications enable an expanded range of advanced IP-based consumer and business offerings, including toll-quality telephony, multimedia, peer-to-peer networking, on-line gaming, web hosting, video-on-demand, videoconferencing and home networking. Microtune's silicon and systems products meet the stringent RF requirements needed to allow cable modems to pass these CableLabs standards.

The holder of multiple patents for its single-chip tuner and amplifier architectures, Microtune offers a complete portfolio of RF products for broadband cable applications, ranging from silicon tuners and broadband amplifiers to production-ready RF subsystems and wireless connectivity system-on-chip offerings. Its newest product, the MicroStreamerTM MT1560 is engineered to support the increased upstream bandwidth capacity of the DOCSIS 2.0 specification by boosting the performance and reliability of two-way communications, while significantly reducing noise and interference in the return path.

Microtune's products function as the critical RF gateway in consumer premises equipment, receiving and transmitting analog/digital data to and from the head end to the rest of the system's electronics. They are essential RF components in accelerating the broadband deployment of voice, video and data via two-way cable and/or terrestrial communications systems.

About Microtune
Microtune, Inc. is a leading silicon and systems company that designs, manufactures and markets radio frequency (RF)-based solutions for the global broadband communications, transportation electronics and wireless connectivity markets. Inventors of the MicroTunerTM single-chip broadband tuner, the Company offers a portfolio of advanced tuner, amplifier, transceiver and wireless products that enable the delivery of information and entertainment across new classes of consumer electronics devices. The Company currently holds 22 U.S. patents for its technology, with more than 50 applications pending approval that span its RF and wireless products, containing more than 2000 supporting claims. Founded in 1996, Microtune is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with key design, manufacturing and sales centers located around the world. The web site is

Microtune is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol TUNE. Microtune is a registered trademark and MicroTuner, MicroStreamer, and MicroModule are trademarks of Microtune, Inc.

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