RaumComputer establishes new Home Automation System with ProSyst`s mBedded Server

1/8/2003 - As the first mover, RaumComputer AG (www.raumcomputer.com) realizes the vision of the Computer Integrated Building (CIB). The automation software of RaumComputer uses the mBedded Server of ProSyst Software AG (www.prosyst.com).

With its brand new Building Automation Product, RaumComputer (RC), the company RaumComputer creates the technological base for Computer-Integrated Buildings. This product does not only break new grounds in respect of content, but also in respect of engineering: On the one hand the function spectrum of the building automation has been enhanced to an open, facility-management-oriented service platform. On the other hand, the building automation is mainly considered a software task which is solved by using innovative data bank-, PC- and Internet techniques.

The RaumComputer is an integrated and Internet-oriented management- and automation software, with which building installations can be set up and reconfigured in an easy and fast way, keeping pace with the daily change of modern work arrangements. The management component consists of a specific application of the Facilities-Management-Software Byron/BIS and includes a complete area management (CAD inclusive) as well as a complete service order management. The automation software integrates ProSyst's OSGi-certified mBedded Server. The mBedded Server is an open, modular and scalable Java-Software-Platform that is used for the flexible dynamic adaptation of the room constellations on field level. The field level of the RC remains open for the integration of any device and bus-system - an invitation for all manufacturers to turn their products into ones that can interoperate with the RaumComputer. Control engines (User Interfaces) can be a PDA, a PC and mobile respective web-enabled devices, that can access the requested building services. One example for a usable control engine is the IP-phone of Cisco.

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