Cypress Announces CyberClocks Timing Tool Suite

1/8/2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY), the world leader in timing technology solutions, announced the release of its all-inclusive timing development tool suite. CyberClocksTM software simplifies timing design by introducing a "black-box" approach to configuring programmable clocks. While traditional software models cater to engineers who understand phase-locked loop (PLL) technology, the black-box approach of CyberClocks enables anyone, without any knowledge of the workings of a PLL, to simply specify input and output clock requirements and allow CyberClocks to compute the best configuration.

CyberClocks software supports Cypress's growing line of programmable clock chips by allowing the system designer to customize his requirements in real time, under a programming simulation environment on his personal computer. The innovative development suite provides software tools that automatically search for the most optimized clocking solution while radically minimizing user interaction and design time. CyberClocks software performs exhaustive computation on the requirements and optimizes the results to meet all the performance parameters set by the designer. CyberClocks' embedded design rule checking ensures that the PLL system achieves stability under all valid programming conditions and data sheet parameters.

"With no previous knowledge of our devices, designers can specify the system frequency information and CyberClocks software will rapidly configure to the optimal solution," said Wayne Gill, business unit manager for Cypress's Timing Technology Division. "CyberClocks software now makes programming PLL devices -- once considered a complex process -- almost trivial, automatically performing rules checking and verification to ensure full device compliance."

CyberClocks software takes the guesswork out of a complex process by generating a spreadsheet-like interface that shows a register description and programming-bit content. In addition, CyberClocks software offers the system designer a simple interface consisting of PLL input and frequency output for the latest in clock technology. This interface conceals all the complex underlying calculations from the designer, freeing him to focus on design solutions rather than design processes.

Pricing and Availability
CyberClocks software is free and can be downloaded off the web today at Select Software > Programmable Clocks.

While CyberClocks software is currently designed to run as a standalone program on a userís PC, Cypress is planning to support a real-time version on the Cypress website in mid-2003. Online updates will ensure that designers always have the latest in programming algorithm technology and device upgrades at their fingertips.

About Cypress
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