Texas Instruments Demonstrates the Industry's First Single-Board Digital Amplifier, DSP and FireWire Solution for A/V Receiver Designs

1/6/2003 - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) brings together three high-resolution digital audio technologies into one comprehensive demonstration at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (January 9-12). TI is the first to integrate its FireWire (IEEE 1394), multi-channel audio digital signal processor (DSP) and digital amplifier technologies onto one board to show an all-digital audio solution from source to speakers.

By combining these technologies onto one board, TI is demonstrating to manufacturers how they can more easily build a high-resolution audio system, such as an A/V receiver or DVD receiver, that incorporates all of the latest features required by discriminating audiophiles. The single-board system:

FireWire connectivity, made possible by TI's TSB43CA43A integrated network controller, enables several compelling new features. Already proven as a PC and consumer electronics standard, FireWire has quickly established itself as the next-generation audio connectivity technology, supplementing the existing SPDIF interfaces. In addition to the base functionality offered by SPDIF, FireWire brings breakthrough performance, industry standard networking, command and control, content protection, and future-proof flexibility to the audio market. The TSB43CA43A features an integrated IEEE 1394 link layer and 3-port physical layer, as well as a 32-bit microprocessor and 256K bytes of on-board RAM. Audio and video packet formatting are performed in hardware, making the TSB43CA43A ideal for A/V receivers and multi-format audio players including CD, SACD and DVD-Audio.

TI's TMS320DA610 AureusTM audio processor, the highest performance floating point audio DSP, allows designers to tackle the newest standards and deliver the most realistic audio experience to consumers. With 225 MHz and native support for 32/64 bit processing, the DA610 chip can decode the latest audio standards and still provide enough headroom for proprietary post-processing algorithms. TI provides a library of highly optimized decoders, including Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP), which is used in the DVD-audio standard. With a variety of flexible peripherals including two Multichannel Audio Serial Ports (McASPs), the DA610 can provide up to 16 channels of IIS output and can be easily interfaced with TI's connectivity and digital amplification solutions.

TI's latest digital amplifiers are demonstrated, displaying TI's market leading PurePath Digital technology offering high-resolution audio quality. TI's digital amplifiers enable a 100% digital system from the DVD disc to the ear, extending the benefits of clean and clear digital audio to the entire signal chain. The highly efficient power stage on display enables the slim form factors and increased functionality that consumer audio companies need for today's market. TI's TAS5026 is a high performance six-channel PWM processor designed specifically for multi-channel systems. TI's market-proven digital amplifier has the market's highest audio performance and audio quality and the widest power range available with solutions from 15W to 125W.

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