Atinav's aveLink OSGi Service Platform Completes Compliance Programs

9/30/2002 - Atinav, a provider of integrated networking technology tools that add compatibility and communication connectivity, announced its OSGi Service Platform version 2.0, which is embedded in its aveLink software, has completed the OSGi Compliance Program. The OSGi Compliance Programs ensures that aveLink OSGi Service Platform conforms to the specifications release by the OSGi group.

The OSGi specification unifies various communications protocols through an open, platform-independent framework, and via APIs that can be used as the basis for writing new applications. The spec enables compatibility between most major home networking protocols currently being developed: Bluetooth, CAL, CEBus, HAVi, HomePNA, HomeRF, HomePlug, Jini, LonWorks, UPnP and VESA, to name a slew.

aveLink OSGi Service Platform allows devices and services incorporating different standards (i.e. Jini, UPnP, etc.) to connect through different networking technologies (i.e. Bluetooth, Home RF and IEEE 802.11, etc.) Using aveLink, incompatible devices or services form a temporary network that enables them to have access to the Internet, a LAN/WAN or a wireless network. The product also provides an application development platform, so service providers can quickly develop services using the supported technologies.

"Achieving compliance demonstrates our commitment to the OSGi standards. Our aveLink OSGi Service Platform is well positioned to deliver extended functionality and take advantage of the market potential." said Kash Patel, CIO, Atinav. "We feel that the aveLink product is unique, as it provides our customers a development framework that can incorporate future technologies without having to rewrite existing solutions."

Patel added: "Cahners In-Stat Group estimates that the market for home networking equipment and residential gateways will grow from $800 million in 2000 to $5.7 billion in 2004. These market forecasts represent an opportunity base equivalent to the Ethernet/LAN phenomenon of the 1980's and 90's."

In addition to OSGi Compliance, aveLink OSGi Service Platform contains optional modules for a qualified Bluetooth Bundle, a compliant UPnP Bundle, A Jini Service Bundle, and a compliant WAP and SMS Gateway.

About Atinav
Atinav Inc. is a provider of universal Internet access and communication applications for the digital economy. In order to meet demand for perpetual connectivity to the Internet, the company developed a suite of products branded AVENUE services that put the customer on the avenue of the Internet and communications. The company currently markets four Internet communications software products: aveLink, aveAccess, aveComm, and aveConnect. Atinav is based in New Jersey and has offices in Manassas, Virginia, London, UK and Cochin, India.

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