LiveManuals/RapidPLUS Product Simulation Incorporated in Distance Learning CourseWork for The Open University, UK

9/30/2002 - e-SIM, a leader in advanced simulation technology for electronic product design, development, Web-based customer support and marketing, announced that The Open University (UK) incorporated a RapidPLUS simulation in coursework developed and prepared for their User Interface Design and Evaluation course at the university.

The coursework, designed to help students understand, evaluate and create User Interface Designs for electronic products, focuses on principles and techniques associated with designing UIs and the importance UI design plays in a successful product. Using the RapidPLUS simulation, students are now able to collect usability information and requirements easily and can better explore and understand the components and value of a good product User Interface.

"e-SIM's software prototype incorporated in our course materials enables students to carry out cognitive walk-throughs to collect usability requirements and evaluate User Interfaces," said Dr. Mark Woodroffe, lecturer in the Computing Department at The Open University. "The advantage of e-SIM's interactive prototype over a traditional paper prototype is that it offers students a much better understanding of the issues involved in operating a product. This type of experience can be difficult to achieve when teaching students at a distance and we are very grateful to e-SIM for making this experience possible for our students."

"Distance Learning courses for Universities and other Educational Institutions are yet another natural application for employing the benefits of using a RapidPLUS or LiveManuals interactive simulation over a traditional, stagnant image," said Marc Belzberg, Chairman and CEO of e-SIM. "We believe that the growing Distance Learning industry can prove to be a significant user of our tools and products."

About e-SIM
Founded in 1990, e-SIM Ltd. is the leading provider of advanced simulation technology for product development, Web-based customer support and marketing. e-SIM's simulation technologies build off its RapidPLUS line of software products that enable product designers and engineers to expedite the concept-to-market life cycle by easily creating simulated computer prototypes that are fully functional, interactive and behaviorally identical to the manufactured products and systems. e-SIM's proprietary technology enables the creation and distribution of electronic LiveManuals, "virtual products" that look and behave like real products, over the Internet or intranet.

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