TI is the First Supplier with Logic Register Components for Evaluation in DDR-II DIMM Designs

9/26/2002 - Texas Instruments has made available the industry's first DDR-II logic register, the SN74SSTU32864, for evaluation in DDR-II memory module applications. Building on the past success of the SN74SSTU32857 prototype device, TI was able to refine its technology and design experience to optimize and accelerate the development of the SN74SSTU32864.

The SN74SSTU32864, 25-Bit Configurable Registered Buffer, offers designers numerous benefits to their DIMM design. The device can be configured as a 25-bit 1:1 pinout configuration or a 14-bit 1:2 pinout allowing users to only work with a single part number for multiple DIMM configurations. Output Edge-Control Circuitry is utilized in the device to minimize switching noise in unterminated lines improving signal integrity. The device also supports the DDR-II low power consumption mode where the chip-select inputs gate the data outputs from changing state and minimizes system power consumption.

"By working closely with industry leaders to define the performance characteristics of the SSTU32864 in the DDR-II DIMM application, as well as collaborating with JEDEC to define the standards, we are able to supply a competitive device to the market for the initial evaluations," said David Hoover, worldwide product marketing manager for TI's Standard Linear and Logic Division. The DIMM market is constantly moving forward to faster speeds and better performance. With DDR-II on the horizon, TI is in a position to supply the most reliable logic components available."

Evaluation Samples for the SN74SSTU32864 are currently available online in the 96-ball LFBGA package.

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