Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Selects Microchip Technology RFID Tagging IC for High-Tech Library System

9/26/2002 - Microchip Technology announced that Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has selected Microchip's MCRF450 rewriteable microID® device for use in its new high-tech library system.

Mitsubishi's new system combines innovative inventory, check-in/checkout and security features. The system utilizes Microchip's MCRF450, 13.56 MHz tagging ICs, that enables a library to monitor the distribution of books, video and audio materials, track sign-out and due dates, log sign-out history and "next to read" requests of library patrons, and prevent theft of materials by identifying each item in the library's inventory with a non-removable RFID tag.

Using technology co-developed with Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP) and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Microchip's MCRF450 tagging device features a large 1K bit memory and the fastest data rate, longest read/write range and lowest power consumption of any other 13.56 MHz item-level RFID device in the industry. They also feature one of the fastest and most accurate anti-collision algorithms available. A new feature, available beginning next month, is the MCRF450's ability to respond to virtually any shape of signaling waveform: square wave, trapezoid, or even cosine. This enables the user to extend read range while meeting FCC power limits.

"We chose Microchip's MCRF450 tagging ICs to power our BitTag® series because of its reliability and unmatched performance" said Kiwamu Goto, assistant Marketing Manager for the RFID System Center at for Mitsubishi Materials ( "This inventory system enables libraries of any size to implement innovative technology that makes the daily operation of a library more manageable and efficient, but also allows inventory assessments to be conducted quite easily and on a regular basis."

"Microchip is extremely pleased that Mitsubishi chose Microchip's MCRF450 device to develop a revolutionary library system that is affordable to both smaller and larger scaled libraries around the world," said Dilip Patel, RFID Marketing Manager at Microchip. "Their use of the MCRF450 is an example of how advanced RFID technology can greatly improve the efficiency and profitability for libraries and/or businesses that have a similar operation whereby products are loaned out and returned at a later date."

Other applications for the MCRF450 include item-level tagging for warehouses, such as reading multiple objects inside a carton or pallet without opening or separating the items; combining security with inventory applications for auto-checkout at retail and video stores; airline baggage and parcel shipping; automatic ski-lift ticket validation to shorten lift lines; automatic counting and sorting at industrial laundries; WIP (work in progress) management in automobile factories; anti-counterfeiting; industrial barcode supplement or replacement; medical supply/device tracking; document management and numerous other applications. Its ability to store, rewrite, and lock blocks of data, make it the ideal item-level tag, which can remain attached and be updated throughout the lifetime of the item.

Key features of MCRF450 device are:

About Mitsubishi Materials
Established in 1950, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is one of the world 's largest diversified materials companies. The company is a leader in metal smelting and refining, cement and fabricated metals-notably aluminum cans. The Company's high-level research and development programs are instrumental in enabling it to maintain its dominant position in key markets. Their RFID system is distinguished by its antenna technology resulting from basic material research and they have been focusing on a market of On-metal® tags, which utilize this technology. Mitsubishi Materials comprises 370 subsidiaries and affiliates in 19 countries. These companies employ 22,381people.

About Checkpoint Systems
Checkpoint Systems Inc. is a multinational company that manufactures and markets labeling systems designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide value-added label solutions for customers across many markets and industries. Checkpoint is a leading provider of digital RF EAS and RFID systems, RF source tagging, barcode labeling systems, hand-held labeling systems, and retail merchandising systems. Applications include automatic identification, retail security, and pricing and promotional labels. Operating in 30 countries, Checkpoint has a global network of subsidiaries and provides professional customer service and technical support around the world.

About Microchip Technology
Microchip Technology Inc. manufactures the popular PICmicro® field-programmable RISC microcontrollers, which serve 8- and 16-bit embedded control applications, and a broad spectrum of high performance linear and mixed-signal, power management and thermal management devices. The Company also offers complementary microperipheral products including interface devices; microID® RFID devices; serial EEPROMs; and the patented KEELOQ® security devices. This synergistic product portfolio targets thousands of applications and a growing demand for high-performance designs in the automotive, communications, computing, consumer and industrial control markets. The Company's quality systems are ISO 9001 (1994 version) and QS9000 (1998 version) certified. Microchip is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona with design facilities in Mountain View, California, Bangalore, India; and a European Design Center in Lausanne, Switzerland; semiconductor fabrication facilities in Tempe and Chandler, Arizona; Gresham, Oregon; and Puyallup, Washington; and assembly and test operations near Bangkok, Thailand. Microchip employs approximately 3,250 people worldwide and has sales offices throughout Asia, Europe, Japan and the Americas.

The Microchip name and logo, microID, PIC, PICmicro and KEELOQ are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc. in the USA and other countries. BitTag and On-metal are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

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