emWare Releases New EMIT for Distributed Objects Framework; Re-defines Remote Device Management

9/25/2002 - emWare, the leading provider of Remote Device Management solutions, announced its EMIT for Distributed Objects framework. The EMIT for Distributed Objects framework is a collection of EMIT software and services that support a broad range of Remote Device Management solutions. This new framework marks a breakthrough for companies that are currently burdened with the high costs of managing and servicing intelligent devices deployed at remote sites. The EMIT for Distributed Objects framework offers companies the most cost-effective and flexible solution for Internet-enabling their intelligent devices. Implementing emWare's solution allows companies to extend remote management, diagnostics and Web services to their new and existing devices, and pass highly relevant real-time data back to their enterprise. By deploying this technology into real-world solutions, companies can reduce service costs up to 75% and introduce new revenue opportunities based on products and services that use the newly available device data. These solutions apply to any type of product from industrial pumps and controllers, to heating and cooling systems, medical devices and home thermostats.

For developers of embedded software, the EMIT for Distributed Objects framework offers a highly flexible, scalable and easy-to-use development environment that supports a variety of networking topologies, including peer-to-peer, direct client-to-device, clustered devices, enterprise messaging and protocol bridging. EMIT software and services can be used for virtually any device networking scenario. Developers can build solutions that manage local devices through existing networks using TCP/IP carried over Ethernet, communicate securely with individual devices located behind customer firewalls, or manage groups of devices in remote locations using TCP/IP, wireless or serial communications, to name a few.

In addition, EMIT for Distributed Objects uses industry standards such as TCP/IP, SOAP, XML, WSDL and UDDI, all of which allow seamless integration with Web Services initiatives.

"emWare has assembled a forest out of the trees. EMIT for Distributed Objects is a well-articulated solution that provides developers with a complete Remote Device Management software architecture, eliminating the need for them to assemble the pieces they need from multiple sources. emWare has introduced a complete, Web-based solution that developers will want to consider for use," said Paul Zorfass, Sr. Analyst for International Data Corporation/First Technology Inc.

EMIT Solves Common Device Networking Challenges
emWare understands the challenges associated with adding network communications to intelligent devices. By using EMIT for Distributed Objects, developers can take advantage of:

"emWare has developed a flexible Remote Device Management solution that allows companies to implement their solution based on their unique needs instead of having to install a pre-defined system that may or may not meet all of their requirements. The bottom line is, we don't want companies to just have a relationship with their devices, we want companies to be able to manage their devices for profit and benefit from anywhere, at any time, simply and cost-effectively," said Michael D. Nelson, CEO and co-founder of emWare.

The EMIT for Distributed Objects Framework-A Look at the Components
The EMIT for Distributed Objects framework includes the following components:

Product Pricing & Availability
The first series of software development kits based on the EMIT for Distributed Objects framework is available immediately for purchase online. These kits include the Embedded Network Builder, Ethernet-TCP/IP SDK, ActiveX/COM Object Access Library, Object Access Server and Protocol Bridging SDK. Introductory pricing for these kits ranges from $99 to $299. OEM licenses are also available for production products.

About Remote Device Management
Several technology innovations, including device networking and Web services, are converging today to enable Remote Device Management. Remote Device Management is a new approach that helps companies add intelligence to their smart devices by automating routine functions that use remote diagnostics, self-healing and self-optimizing techniques, while passing highly relevant real-time data back to the enterprise. Remote Device Management enables intelligent devices to become self-aware and self-regulating, thereby becoming capable of running and healing themselves, adjusting to varying circumstances and preparing their resources to handle their workload most efficiently.

About emWare
emWare makes it fast, easy and affordable to add remote device management capabilities to electronic devices, helping companies be more competitive by delivering a new generation of smart products that increase profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. emWare founded the ETI AllianceTM-a group of leading technology and service companies that are extending the Internet to everyday devices. Established in May 1996, emWare is a private company with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and an office in Munich, Germany.

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