Solid's Patented Technology Validated By HP for HP MC/Serviceguard

9/24/2002 - Solid Information Technology, the leading distributed data management platform provider, announced that its Solid Embedded EngineTM technology has been validated by HP to run on HP MC/Serviceguard-enabled HP servers and is the only embedded data management solution validated on this clustering platform to date. This validation means that customers needing highly available solutions for applications that embed a DBMS can run these applications - unattended - using Solid Embedded Engine on the HP MC/Serviceguard platform.

Embedded Engine supports online reconfiguration to reduce planned downtime. In addition to providing the highest reliability levels available, Solid Embedded Engine is a massively scalable and embeddable data management solution that is used in more than 200 networking, telecom, and telematics applications worldwide.

"Solid is proud to provide customers with an embedded data management solution for HP MC/Serviceguard environments. This is a significant validation that demonstrates the requirement for leading networking and telecom companies to provide the highest availability within their solutions - their customers are demanding it," said Malcolm Colton, vice president of marketing, Solid. "Our strengths are born out of our commitment to provide customers with features that make them successful, including 99.999 percent availability, embeddability, and the ability to run Solid without a database administrator."

Solidís Embedded Engine in an HP MC/Serviceguard Environment
HP MC/Serviceguard performs the vital task of monitoring the health of each node or system within the enterprise to ensure that critical applications, such network elements, are up and running. The Solid Embedded Engine coupled with HP MC/Serviceguard offers a solution that provides customers with a comprehensive data management package that automates the process of monitoring and maintaining system processors, memory processes, application processes and LAN media adaptors. Within an enterprise cluster, HP MC/Serviceguard monitors these components, detects failures, and responds by promptly allocating new resources to support mission-critical applications. Customers utilizing the combination of Solidís Embedded Engine and HP MC/Serviceguard realize the following benefits:

About Solid Products
Solid is the pioneer of an innovative approach to managing data that focuses on providing a data management platform for highly distributed applications. Solid Embedded Engine is a highly reliable, scalable, and embeddable relational data management solution used to manage distributed data in applications such as network infrastructure management and control, and mobile data-rich applications (telematics), as well as supports local autonomy in the distributed enterprise. Solidís solutions are designed around the idea of distributed data. With other data management products, distribution is treated as an ďadd-onĒ feature, however, with Solidís solutions, distribution is key to Solidís customers in supporting increasingly complex and dispersed next-generation networks.

Solid Embedded Engine is used in unattended devices requiring ease of management, as well as in network components that must intelligently and quickly manage user, configuration, and performance data. Solidís robust multithreaded architecture features all the functionality of a sophisticated, full-featured data management solution ó in a small-footprint and a maintenance-free, scalable package. In the future, Solid plans to work with HP to validate Solidís HotStandby-based synchronous database mirroring technology, which is widely used as a basis for even higher - 99.999% - uptime requirements.

About Solid
Solid Information Technology Corp. delivers the premier distributed data management platform. Built on a sophisticated architectural foundation, Solidís solutions power large-scale distributed applications in a variety of verticals including: network infrastructure, fleet management, consumer electronics, and the distributed enterprise. A unique combination of relational data management and advanced synchronization, Solidís technology can be used as a client/server data management system or be embedded into any static or mobile computing device to provide a robust platform on which to build distributed applications. Leading companies including Avaya, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, and Nortel, as well as innovative start-up companies such as Turin Networks, Celox Networks, and Lantern Communications use Solid to build highly available, performing and scalable smart network solutions. Solid is a privately held company with worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. The company also has regional offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Solid FlowEngine is a trademark of Solid Information Technology Corp.

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