Mercury Computer Systems Receives Order from ONERA French Aeronautics and Space Research Agency

9/24/2002 - Mercury Computer Systems has received an order for its RACE++® Series multicomputers from ONERA, the French Aeronautics and Space Research Agency, for a performance upgrade of the Nostradamus early warning over-the-horizon radar. The order for Mercury’s real-time systems is valued at approximately $446,000, to be delivered in the first calendar quarter of 2003.

The Nostradamus radar, designed and developed by ONERA, operates in the decametric wavelengths and uses the reflection of high-frequency waves off the ionosphere in a mirror-effect technique for a range beyond the horizon (up to two thousand kilometers) unlike conventional radars that are limited by the earth’s curvature. ONERA, a financially independent public, scientific and technical establishment, reports to the French Ministry of Defense.

ONERA, the French aerospace research agency, is a financially independent public, scientific and technical establishment, with both industrial and commercial responsibilities, that reports to the French Ministry of Defense. ONERA conducts cross-disciplinary research on new extended air defense systems, which takes into account the physics underlying sensors, actuators, vehicles, and the operating environment.

About Mercury Computer Systems
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) is the leading producer of high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal and image processing computer systems. Mercury’s products play a critical role in a wide range of applications, transforming sensor data to information for analysis and interpretation. In military reconnaissance and surveillance platforms the company’s systems process real-time radar, sonar, and signals intelligence data. Mercury is developing commercial wireless communications solutions in areas such as WCDMA multi-user detection and smart antennas. Mercury’s systems are also used in state-of-the-art medical diagnostic imaging devices including MRI, CT, PET, and digital X-ray, and in semiconductor imaging applications including photomask generation and wafer inspection.

Based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Mercury serves customers in North America, Europe, and Asia through its direct sales force and a network of subsidiaries and distributors.

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