The Revolutionary BitJockey from XEMICS Speeds Up Radio Data Processing

9/24/2002 - XEMICS latest addition to their family of Sensing and Radio Machines is the XE88LC06A system on a chip, which uses low power and efficient processing features, focusing them on smart radio needs. This miniature system benefits from being both low power and low cost as well as optimizing throughput.

The circuit contains a revolutionary block named BitJockeyTM, the equivalent of a UART for the functionality of a wireless connection, which interfaces the microcontroller with any radio transceiver. The heart of the BitJockeyTM consists of a serialization block, around which there are a bit encoder and a bit decoder to facilitate standard communication formats (NRZ, Manchester, Miller), as well as input and output FIFO stacks.

"The BitJockeyTM functions like a UART and enables the programmer and processor to concentrate solely on data at the byte level." stated Michel Chevroulet, Product Line Manager for the Sensing and Radio Machines. "The bytes of data emitted are converted to an encoded bitstream and sent to the transceiver, and the received encoded bitstream is decoded and converted to bytes. This frees the processor for other tasks and augments the throughput. At the same time the code size is reduced meaning that both ROM and RAM needs are lowered."

Applications that will profit from the XE88LC06A include wireless sensors, remote metering, smart toys, wireless tracking and voice over RF. Any application that relies on batteries for its supply or transmits data over RF can use the XE88LC06A capabilities. This radio machine is completely pin and software backwards compatible to the XE88LC06 chip. Like its predecessor, the XE88LC06A is based on the high efficiency CoolRISC 8/22 bit RISC processor core, includes 520 B of RAM, 22 kB of MTP or ROM, a UART, several counters, 2 clocks and 4 low-power comparators.

A complete toolset and comprehensive support are available from XEMICS and third parties for the XE8000 series, including RIDE (C-compiler, assembler, editor, linker, in socket debugger and simulator) and the ProStart II (combined programmer and starter-kit). An in circuit emulator is available from Phyton, USA.

For more information on this new device, contact any XEMICS sales representative or authorized distributor or visit

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