Sun Chief Security Officer Calls Industry to Action

9/23/2002 - Building on its reputation as a security leader, Sun Microsystems added to its existing world-class security portfolio with over 10 new customer-ready security products, solutions, and services. In a keynote speech made at the SunNetworkSM 2002 Conference and Pavilion at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Whitfield Diffie, Sun's chief security officer, provocatively suggested that — rather than being an insurance policy — secure systems are a critical enabler to the future of business and Net commerce.

"Today's announcements underscore the security strategy Sun has followed since its inception — open, trusted, comprehensive and built-in to all Sun products and technologies," said Diffie. "Sun has never accepted security as an afterthought and our customers must be proactive in making security part of their networks. We don't just make security products — we build security into everything we make — always have, always will. Sun's security solutions are easy enough for e-commerce and secure enough for homeland security."

Michael Rasmussen, director of research for information security at Giga Information Group, further validates the importance of integrating security into the core of enterprise systems in his recent report, "To Achieve Security, It Needs to Be Integrated," September 2002. "In the past, organizations and software vendors typically (but not universally) have taken a bandage approach to security - something to place on top of their systems. This approach is one destined for failure," Rasmussen said. "Achieving a level of confidence in security requires that it be integrated from the ground up in the systems organizations deploy."

Earlier this year, Sun announced the formation of the Global Security Program Office, led by Joanne Masters, whose charter is to be an advocate for Sun's industry-leading security offerings with customers and partners and educate them on key technology security issues; expand Sun's relationship with key national and international security organizations; and anticipate and address future customer security requirements by a coordinated process across all of Sun Microsystems' research, product development assessment, marketing, and sales.

The announcements deliver on the objectives Sun outlined earlier this year and build upon Sun's commitment to security since the company's inception in 1982. Sun today announced it is open sourcing its Elliptic Curve Cryptographic (ECC) technologies to the OpenSSL Project; its new and updated iForceSM Security Solutions: Perimeter and Secure Web Server; a new iForce Solutions partner program; growing partner momentumaround the SunTM ONE Platform for Network Identity; new consulting services and a new, enhanced security training curriculum; the Secure Management Index; and security best practices and reference architectures.

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