JRex-GX1 is a New Breed of Embedded SBC

9/23/2002 - The fanless, low-power JRex-GX1 CPU board is the first product to be introduced as Kontron launches the new JRex product family, designed to standardize 3.5" embedded single board computers. The JRex-GX1 uses a 300MHz National GeodeTM processor and can support up to 256 MBytes of RAM. All JRex boards, including the JRex-GX1, feature the following standard interfaces: 2xUSB, LAN, Compact-Flash, Keyboard/Mouse, VGA and COM1. An ATX power connector and reset also are standard to JRex family products. The JRex design will be consistent throughout the product family, allowing OEMs to develop scalable solutions based on 3.5" form factor boards. Prior to the introduction of the JRex family, housing and connector modifications were necessary in order to achieve such performance scalability. The JRex family will see growth before the end of the year with the addition of two more boards. Developers can look forward to the introduction of the JRex-P3 (Intel® Pentium® III processor, 700 MHz) and the JRex-C3 (Intel® CeleronTM processor, 300 MHz) both of which will use the Twister T chipset.

The JRex-GX1 cost is only 244 EUR in small quantities. Series production is well underway and the first samples already are available.

JRex Standardizes 3.5" CPU-Boards
JRex is the new name and standard for Kontron's family of 3.5" embedded single board computers. Every JRex CPU board comes standard with 2xUSB, LAN, Compact-Flash, Keyboard/Mouse, VGA, COM1, ATX power supply connector and reset. Customers can count on key interfaces always being in the same physical location of the board. The power supply is in accordance with the ATX standard, meeting diverse current and voltage requirements. Standby, power good and fan control features (for JRex boards with active cooling) also are included. Another cost efficient step taken in the design of the JRex product is compatibility with SDRAM-DIMM memory modules as opposed to the more expensive SODIMM alternative. JRex boards enable simplified LVDS panel integration through the onboard JUMPtec® Intelligent LVDS Interface (JILI). This universal display adapter can be used off the shelf with all currently available display panels. This allows OEMs to select the optimal displays for their applications without having to worry about panel interface compatibility issues.

Kontron also has developed JFlexTM expansion modules that mount to the JRex PCI interface. These modules come in a variety of sizes and with different features that expand those offered on board the JRex 3.5" SBC. JRex boards can support up to two of these expansion modules at a time. JFlex modules currently underdevelopment meet the needs of multimedia and communications applications and will be available for off-the-shelf use in the near future.

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